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Sat, Mar 16, 2013 at 10:36 PM By: AlexMaraj

All they do is criticize my size
Yes i am skinny, but i'm not a meany
Rearrange your thoughts, make 'em less scary
Yes i do cry, let my voice be shaky
I remember all the memories, but am i crazy ?
Some say i'm mental, just a little shady
Wanna get high, fly like i'm livin' freely

Let me drive
Could we dive?
Breathe, yes you're alive
Be with me
Speak to me
Once you realize
You will open your eyes
And you will see yourself
as someone beautiful

Sometimes i just wanna die
Never forget you always gotta try
You wouldn't want me to wear a bow tie
for the first time i see you since you die'
i could always tell the world you tried
so to not make me guilty, no regret
I suggest you get up and try to let
Me and the whole wide world help you out to get
All that yo' amazing mind has got you set

Piece Out Barbz

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