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Wed, Jun 15, 2011 at 12:20 AM By: Alief_22

What happens 2 da music i'll use as fuel 2 choose dis method of abuse which I intend da use 2 da full extent & can't defuse as I spin it voice cool, breathe hot, fire flame spitin' da all yall lil'pups i'm da big dog when mixed insane beats hit me I feel da heat devourin' hatas mi auras @ it's peak still a amatour but neva chocked so tired of lows so I let mi highs grow I thought ya said I wouldn't amount 2 da best I spit it faster den slow got dis startin' da look like child neglect rappin' helps me break free, free flows what I do best ya da problem & da solution der of dat's da reason I rep Houston, Tx put it on ya, ya get chopped-N-screwed up 16 & spitin'dis poisonous venom lyrical verse str8 thru ya tourment cuz like da silly rabbit i'm full of trix punch lines & kicks.....

*not yet finished, but dis is 2 all da ppl who said I won't make sumthin' outta mi self*

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