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"Lay It Down" - Nicki's Verse (Finish)

Mon, Apr 1, 2013 at 3:00 AM By: Barbz'Forever

Yo , Shawty What's Your Name?
Is You Tricking? Is You Paying?
Is You Sniffin' On That Caine?
What The Fuck Is You Sayin'?
If You Gettin' It , Then You Gettin' It.
It's My Money , I ain't splittin' it ,
I ain't trippling , if she got a fat ass
Then I'm tippin' it (Tippin' it) ...
(Bite Me, Apple Sign?$]*

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    Re: "Lay It Down" - Nicki's Verse (Finish)

    Sun, Jul 7, 2013 at 1:05 AM By: Briona Minaj

    Shawty, what's yo name?
    Is you tricking? Is you paying?
    Is you sniffing on that cane?
    What the fuck is you saying?
    If you getting it, then you getting it
    It's my money I ain't splittiing it
    I ain't tripling it, if she got a fat ass, then I'm tipping it
    Come out the bank, bye teller
    Give a bum money, hi fella
    Bad lil ho, high yellow
    Brand new Roley, sky dweller
    Just left from Dubai
    Flew private eye
    I made a million dollars, swear to God that ain't no lie
    I said them niggas was poppin
    Fake niggas be watchin
    My black glove be drippin wet, but I got my Cochran
    Losing ain't no option, I'm teaching bitches my doctrine
    The Maybach ain't poppin if it ain't got no partation

    Oops I mean partition, it's all a part of my vision
    I sit and count this money while I watch you bitches audition (x2)

    I don’t give a fuck
    You don’t hear me, you don’t see me.
    Bitch you gon' feel me ho
    Young Money
    Young-young Money nigga.
    Young-young, lay it down, lay it down, you hoes lay it down
    Lay it down, lay it down, you hoes lay it down, ah!

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