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rap found.

Tue, Jun 21, 2011 at 1:52 PM By: donutesh

Blackhole i shall suck up,
Bank role, Ya Channel

I’m a role model
Coz my bankrole model,
My money big like u lookin at my dough with binocularz i role call billz,
I dont rock or chill,
I just snap my fingaz then success rock up will,
I got snob apeal,
Coz snob hate loosin, dogg i’m choosy, haterz try Bruce Lee my block ya see,
But Bloem town, Rocklandz my hood, till i’m spewd by the sea,
By the by, i side ta side, ya body hard, my blind thugz ride a die,
Make Method Man asmatic like a Bently automatic, the title i tuck it tight,
Flow, but neva liquedated,
While u do mic checks i mic check mate lips talkin snaai,
I aint eatin right,
But still cocky coz i waznt beatin right,
Fist fights, 45ths, knifez i beat that life,
Yo love love me coz i beat that life,
I dont do beef, i do Eve, and sell the apple to the devil, the beat i strife,
I’m fittin chubby honeyz, in a 50’z buggy pappy,
I didnt cowar money,
I just knew how to move through traffic like teeny kawasaki,
I’m gettin other money,
While i’m gettin other money,
Gettin somemore i get it fom yo mummy,
Gettin wet from mermaid mummy,
While u waitin for the taxi
I’m waitin for the Lambi ,
Street dreamin,
My goalz to make so much money i’ma have buy 5 princesses to marry me.
Yeah, poligimy,
Sexists and haterz same thing diffrent vaginity,
Coz haterz iz virginz bra,
Sexist are vurjinerz,
Back to poligimy,
U look back u gogl me,
While theez dumb black say google me,
So what u got 2000 facebook friend,
The chicks they tookin,
Me an hiophop iz lik rick jamez cookin
For a dame who me
Whip raps ass thats how the game groomed me
Rump shakerz make moviez
Wen i say do me
Dont care bout thik lik shake groupiez,
First bring the cake to me,
Then move like a snake booby,
U might have great boobiez,
I don cr, gimme fake boobiez,
Now thats grown man flava, u can wear fake Gucci,
It aint the price, its the mice, get the cheese and share hastooly,
I’m a husala, lookin fo a husalee,
If u not dont say hi ta me,
Actin all fly ta me,
chick give me back my vaseline,
Cant afford lubricants,
I dont cr were yr mouth has been,
Just be able to make my heart pound fo me,
Serios chicks are clownz ta me,
U love sckeetso chicks, I love weird ladiez surroundin me,
Turnin me on, wen u do sh,$ that turn ém off like satalites wen cloudz cloud TV.z
Not Even underground, depressed gangsta midget just aint feelin down lik me.
Not even walez that drown in they sorrow coud be found like me.
U cudn follow in my steps if your shadowz under me,
Make u milk yo cow fo me,
I walked cowardly wen i waz crown wit bling,
Coz i waz young now i’m big,
28 yerz old wit a sour grin,’
Coz ya chick mouth ain clean,
I dont even count ta three,
I am on a power trip,
Coz i make em bananaz wen i count monkey,
I dont count money, rim flow counter spin,
I’m not even shitin on haterz but i’m about ta pee,
They dont know wat to do about pappy,


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  1. donutesh avatar

    RE: rap found.

    Mon, Jul 4, 2011 at 1:52 PM By: donutesh

    got my lady grippin on for dear life,
    actually 3 lifes,
    coz that kitty i kill coz i keep me fresh ta death lik a fountain of youth apple stuck in that river.
    round heart when i think of her cardiac cumin like beez cumin to a beehive,
    broke hoboz give me five,
    like a run away slave i live life, and leave life,
    doggz on your back coz u see mine,
    u massagin me in Malabu cz we fly,
    tryina make us make green tree high,
    Angeke ba zos thintha,
    leave me be lik Anthony Hamilton or get a Scaranthitwa,
    my leir got flight milage.
    my hair is Godz spit image.


  2. donutesh avatar

    Re: rap found.

    Mon, Jul 4, 2011 at 2:16 PM By: donutesh

    utesh tha rap name, dice flow, blacks and whites cant fully obtain, have u fightin ova if i should be numba 1 , 2 ,3 and eternaty, coz my reflextion give celebit jelly custard erection. stop flexin lik a action vliek(movie) men. Weezy wont save theze babyz, u i shall overcum lik Martin Lutha makin babiez in heaven. beat u wit ...yo chastity belt, see how much vanity helps. got so many barz my fanz are in cellz, have Madiba singin Codesa 1 , 1, Codesa 2, 2. talkin wit my pink pantiez on but u still get raped in prison wardz. call me "&%CK head coz my visionz hard. and no, its my shine it isnt God'z. i'm so badluck its bout to run out of sponsorship. but love i got lots ta give if my bank account stays positive. blalalblabla

  3. Da Original Donutesh. avatar

    RE: rap found.

    Thu, Sep 27, 2012 at 6:39 PM By: Da Original Donutesh.

    forget doggystyle, i'm on sum duggystyle, have u walking all dojy like a transformer Dodge ma. i''m a freak with vaseline more timez on me than i got boxer shorts. suck suck suck till u lock your jaw. wish Ciara knew i'm her Tokyo. That meanz i'll make her split from her man, okee doke?

  4. Fernando David Martinez avatar

    RE: rap found.

    Wed, Nov 14, 2012 at 10:46 PM By: Fernando David Martinez

    Fuck Raps,Fuck Rhymes,
    When I Sing My Rap Lines, Whitas Wanna Suck My Hole Ass,
    Pop Pussies, Pop That,
    Out The Side You See Bitch, I'm A Nigga Of Heart With White Ass,
    In This Battle, Fuck This Battle,
    When You Write Your Own Shit, You're Like A Fucking Turtle,
    Fernando, Post-Grado,
    Let My Beats Drop On Your Face Like Guapo,
    Did You Hear Me?, It's Pink Friday,
    If You Didn't Know Just Check Out My Pink Friday,
    Fly As Daddy, Did I Say This?.
    Zoo, They Call Me, Super Heroe,
    Fuck You Lalo, Fuck You Sergio,
    It's Ma Tima Naw, Suck Your Dildos,
    You My Mina, High Like Nina,
    Fine Like Mica, So You Are My Mika,
    Red, Not Yellow, Blue, Not Negro,
    See My Caudí­pteryx Works, Not Hangs Out,
    Put Your Hands Up, Put Your Ass Up,
    I'm Enfermo, Niggas Hole Ass Got Me Memo,
    Stop, Listen, Just Learn This,
    Fuck Classic Physics, Time For Quantum Physics,
    Algorithms, Change The Scene,
    An Scene You Think To See But Don't You Live,
    It's The End, I Gotta Go,
    Mommy Call Me For Some Cake, It's Enough,
    But If You Want Some Shit Like This,
    Takes Notes 'Cause You Need To Be More Bigger Than Me,
    It's Me, I'm Zoo, The Free Weed, You?,
    I Run Your Block, I Fuck My Club.

    Notes: Sorry! I'm So Explicit But I Feel The Rap Like Nothing In This World... I HopeYou Like It... You're Lines Are Dopes, It's So Amazing... Love Y'all!

    "See Us Where The Shit Fly" ~ZJ.~

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