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Her Majesty...

Wed, Jan 1, 2014 at 10:27 PM By: hushcaspi

got you if you got me back.
I am Barbara the one and only,
revenge is our glory, together as one
one hell-of a story, in two's, we got these...
your dearest it is near us.
a silence a brief, make them say please.
belated or not change just enough.
toughest whirl i was her, your Majesty..
as you are, Nicole Minaj.
better then expected
so you are.

befriend her back, miss your ass, babs barb babe, you name it its all related...
sobe from kc,
justly hyped forum is Right .
My memories of to be or not to be .
RAH started out and ended in our names, time only tells beauty standing still .
Hard to reach on my own private world alone, one Cinderella shoe that needed to fall.

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