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ninja assassin

Tue, Sep 6, 2011 at 6:53 AM By: kingkole

i was in Italy,nd sergio was tryin ta get wit me
saw ma swag shinein na he tryin ta stikk ta me
i cant be locked down, cuz im far too fly
i aint tryin ta be answerein ta no rere ass chick or guy oh my my
yu so fly rite, so plz jus fly by
no means no so why yu porceedin ta try
nobody exceeds like i or mme cuz we got dat fya shit
yu think yu as fly as dis yu dribble nd drool meanwhile i get mad money of da shit i spit.
nd im da baddest at it no one b4 or afta can stand up ta ma magic
true tru it is so tragic yu coodnt even grab it much less sustain ma swagga
i leave em shot nd bleedin nd den dey stagga bet yu regrettin yur words now ya lil bragga
i roll up in da jagg uh yu know i am da boss come against me its yur loss, im king kole dere is no toss
i get mad floss i stay wit frost nd i aint talkin bout da snowman yu is a no man such a hoe and ya needa get out ma dojo man cuz ill flip ya den ill spit yu wont even know wat hit ya nd if ya run den imma get ya vroom vroom me nd ma ninja comin ta get ya

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