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FLY remix

Tue, Sep 6, 2011 at 1:03 PM By: TeamMinaj UD

i wish 2nite, it'll thunderstorm all night

maybe thata'll give my heart more warm, less fright,

revenge is what i wanted && u got hype

wishing; but i still think my quater wont bite

quater wont bite, money kinda tight

I TRY TO pay my sins, but i end up in a fight

they got they fist, out open in the light

but i become a bird, and end up in they flight

dark-ness, i end up out of sight

there are no clouds and the sun wont fight

somehow theres a void && oral is good { life becomes oral}

a tank full of fish and they all smell food { coral }

they start bitting ; and i start hiding

all the pain comes after me ; it must be reminding

of gain, loss, games, pain , { i need to see }, more rain

~ chorus~

now in the picture, i try to paint happiness

but where was everybody wen i needeed it

i see my own portrait ; were do i begin?

tryna think positive but all i see is sin

cuz i am not a thought, i am not a thing

i am not the person that'll be suffering

i am not gone; i am dissappearing

i am the one you'll always be remembering

i hear the laughs; i hear the "NO'ss!"

&& all that means is that haters have arose

i have entered atime, were what they say goes

and everything i shut down ; always get blown

cryin out my eyes ; day after day

hoping that my phone call would change your day

but i get no return; so i change the cheeck

At Eternity Demise: yea that shit was neat


~KING dARBY :) !!

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  1. Chance McKey avatar

    Re: FLY remix

    Fri, Sep 30, 2011 at 7:08 PM By: Chance McKey

    this was real good ; but the last 2 lines . i didnt like .

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