Sat, Aug 9, 2014 at 9:46 PM By: RICOMINATI

Haven't posted in centuries but I promise I've done nothing but lyrically progress.
After all, I will be Nicki Minaj's male prodigy & first male homosexual mogul rapper eventually. Lol
Here's the link to hear: https://soundcloud.com/ricominati/yeezy-freestyle

I'm a savage, and a fucking animal
'Bout to eat peer rappers like a motherfucking cannibal
Pussy, Money, Weed; shut the fuck up, I done had it all
Perfecting my own craft, now watch how all my habits fall [Anyway]
Milky Way, OG Way, yup, my fucking world is blazed
Kush so fucking sticky, coulda' sworn that shit was fucking glazed
Nicki M. hit this beat like a motherfucking blunt
Now all them bad niggas, to the fucking front
Uhhh, real nigga shit, real nigga clique
Snatch a nigga's bitch, beat that pussy with this real nigga dick
Don't get me started, I'm cold-hearted and go hardest regardless
Sever your flesh, I murder best, leave your membrane departed
I go in, you fucking dufus, I'm ruthless, I leave you toothless
You bitch niggas are more foolish than the three fucking stooges
Uhhh, I'm high ass fuck, to these niggas I'm their highness bitch
Nicki Minaj, tell 'em who they're highness is

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