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I don' gut a Anaconda. But i smoke tha' Marry-Conda! Eternal my Money kinda.

Wed, Aug 27, 2014 at 5:29 AM By: Da Original Donutesh.

i cant blow my own horn,
so shawdy bow on my Horn.
I'm Rambo with no armz,
Swag Taibo cuz i'm Young Mon'.
i'm a bow-tie on moon,
mean i'm tite an high like a giraffe elbow now shawdy moan.
I skateboard on her moon,
give her thighs an oasis, Deebow wit' the mon'. =Money.
even hyperactive ladies get bored when u roam.
I wann a chick wit' rosey coochie like Amber i'm gone.
leave my noise makin' boyz alone.
Drink Rozay, GTV and i brought tha bong.
Straight bangaz, bong on King Kong, I'm from Rocklandz, were tha hard boyz are born.
Dont like chicks less she a bossy one.
Theze dudez lyin, like a string line of a skinny body thong.
My money bouta be longer than Mandingoz Anacon', on a female Barbie tone.
dont bring your crusty butt along.
I'm a ghost writer so go head bite my song.
I gut more of this so bite Beavis & Buttheadz shorts.

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