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Moment 4 Life Remixxxx :)

Thu, Sep 15, 2011 at 9:49 PM By: Chance McKey

I told you I was gone do it, now this is my show/
When I sit back and think what I been through/
I feel like this my time to show what I got in me/
To see what I’ve done and learn surprises me /
All the people saying I can never do anything/
Saying that I will never be anything/
Saying I will never win – I will I always lose/
I wish I didn’t say this but it left a bruise/
I covered it up with hatred and some despite/
Envied at times but I dreaded at night/
I just couldn’t shine, I was a dimmed light/
Look at the stars and wish I could shine that bright/
Will the people now get to me? No/
Care what they say about me? No/
Will I sit back and let them hate? Yes/
Can I strive and rule this game? Yes/
Raised on that hill that started with church/
Moved to P.G. and I went submerged/
I started being kind, I started being nice/
Then they had to go and bring the old chance alive/
Hate me when you don’t know me -/
Fake towards me, you phony/
I’m doing me while you living life lonely/
All I can ask is for some little bit of love/
I’m the only the one that’s tryna get above/
I will never stop, I will run up the stairs/
The stairs of my life, I will do it to the highest/
To say you do live, you’re living life biased

I wish I could have this moment for life/
I feel like I’m really living this time/
It surprises me but I feel so alive/
I realized right now it’s my time to shine/

Verse 2:
Everyone that said I could never live out my dream/
Everyone that said I have no originality, no theme/
I can’t get through the game cause I’m a little white boy/
The game will eat me up and spit me out like a chew toy/
Through all of the bashing and all of the attacking/
I stood up and said fuck it – and I started with the cracking/
Working on my 1st mixtape and I came in different/
It’s sounding like an album, it’s sounding quite different/
When I drop this shit, imma throw that middle finger up/
Tell all the bitches that I did it, put the ringer up/
These easy flow rappers better watch out/
Cause when chance hit’s the market - automatic knockout/
Lord, I didn’t mean to sound that savage /
I guess I can’t help being rude, it comes with my package/
They gotta deal with it cause I ain’t leaving no time soon/
I write my own raps, no headman, no autotune/
I mean what I say and I don’t regret happens/
When I come on stage, high pitch screams and clapping/
I sat and thought -/
What if they went and boo’d this?/
What if they said I can’t do it?/
What if my rhymes ain’t cutting it/
What if I come in and I just don’t run it?/
I block these thoughts and i kept going/
Learn from my mistakes because I’m not afraid of growing/

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