Rap Battle

Sat, Dec 10, 2011 at 8:18 PM By: RICOMINATI

You know what to do. (:

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  1. Musique Barb avatar

    RE: Rap Battle

    Fri, Dec 16, 2011 at 9:33 AM By: Musique Barb

    Didn't think I'd be back then you must be stupid,
    I've been reading these raps and they all are foolish,
    I tried to give y'all some time to step up your game
    But it sucked so bad that the bitch nearly came,
    --back from the dead, I start rising like smoke, Secondhand chokin',

    I don't see why you even bother with this,
    you stumble through raps 'cause you'e still toddler-minded,

    You're just learning the game,
    Now you wanna top a bitch always saying my name
    You should feel privileged but you can't even spell that shit,
    It's French, hun, try again, reverse that, stick-shift

    --I see you calling me out,
    Bitch please, keep yelling while I keep climbing the mount.
    Everest, I'm the highest,
    Better than you'll ever be and I break defiance,

    Label me your master,
    Cause I'm always schooling all you little hoes and bastards,
    Do you hear me laughing?
    I'm mocking you're shit talk, cause it all sounds trashy
    I keep that shit classy,
    If you're gonna match up to me
    At least stick the key in the Lamborghini

    Ignition, you just turned on,
    I'm already driving while you're still stuck in park
    Hit-ball home run,
    Baseball seasons over Red Sox 6-1

    I just blew your mind,
    No, I'm not Lewinsky but I can keep you high
    Get drunk from my raps,
    It's so good that nicotine couldn't beat my shit
    I am that bitch,
    Wanna try me, first, trick, get off my dick,

    All you, wenches, so thirty
    All over me, babe, Splash, cool yourselves, control please,

    Cause I'm not Santa,
    I don't just give out my shit but you can be my elves
    Though your raps still lame as hell
    But the blind can lead themselves,
    I'm done helping you, fails

    You riled up yet, hoe?
    Good, that means you finally caught some of my flow,
    Flu, sicker than all y'all, cough-cough
    Well, ya know
    It's going down, Yung Joc

    *dimple shrug*


    *Muwah!* *Muwah!*
    "They'll hate you if you're pretty. They'll hate you if you're not. They'll hate you for what you lack and they'll hate you for what you go

  2. chuckles99 avatar

    RE: Rap Battle

    Fri, Dec 16, 2011 at 1:48 PM By: chuckles99

    I must be doing thing right
    Cause I'm making you mad

    See its bout to be a tragedy
    Straight out parody

    Cause im pissing on your stratosphere
    To make you a little madder,Dear
    So why you turning red here

    You a nondescripts hoe
    not worth nothing hoe

    My bars are to seriuos
    So this nondescripts cant understand me
    I'm braking all wall
    So I guess I'm removing all bounderises

    See I'm killing them off slowly
    Like a fat chick burning calories

    I really don't like that fighting shit
    I'm just way to cute for that

    It's the same
    I usually don't play games

    I normally make them
    usually just fuck them

    But i really like this one though
    he was really cute though
    And he had to go

    Oh my baddest calling me
    So i got to go

    Oh.! Wait
    One more thing though
    I got to let you know

    I got faggit nigga shit on me
    And straight nigga hitting on me.!

    it's chuckles bitch

  3. IAmRomanBitches avatar

    RE: Rap Battle

    Fri, Dec 16, 2011 at 1:52 PM By: IAmRomanBitches

    Bottoms up Bottoms up,
    Put the bottle down
    Everybody know that i'm the baddest b*tch up in this town
    i'm a little tipsy everything is spinnin' round
    and if i take another shot, i'll be rollin on the ground

    paparazzi swarmin they filmin' and takin pics
    so i just flash em', and show them both my tits
    i'm out of control throwin glasses and kickin ass
    theres really not that much to hide, i'm not made out of no glass

    I'm a big baller, got plastic in my *ss
    so when they ride me they be gettin whiplash
    i be gettin rich gettin money by the duffels
    and if you gettin married get a dress and get some ruffles

    everybody jealous say i'm fake, obnoxious too
    but i dont really mind, i'm electric pikachu

    My name is Roman i'm a b*tch a c*nt too
    and it your ready to minaj, i'll take you down to hell TOO!
    I just had an epiphany i need to go to tiffany's

  4. RomansBestie avatar

    RE: Rap Battle

    Fri, Dec 16, 2011 at 9:29 PM By: RomansBestie

    cocky are we? tryna be a smarty?
    but your brain must be insane to try and even start me
    Easily ignited, looks like Im flamable
    I guess Im hot I guess you're not, you're just a camel toe
    But im cryptic, da vinci code, Imma pull a dan brown on ya
    Make you rethink what you're gonna write down this time around on ya
    Fire and ice, naughty and nice, Im going down on ya.
    Sweet and sour, but I dont hang out with any chicken
    And my alarm to end, I never hear the ticking
    Because this is my palace, its where I'll still sitting
    And you'd take my soul first before you see me quitting
    Although sometimes, these times are rough, you don't know who's got your back
    And sometimes, I kept it rough, time was slipping fast, hourglass
    But now I do it slow, the first few steps already taken
    My name is out, my crowd is loud, the world has been awakened
    I hear the noise, and y'all supplying the bass
    Hearing the boys, screaming out that I'm a disgrace
    I see the bitches, with the ugly sneer on their face
    But I'm too quick to care, step up to my pace
    Angels and Demons, we all are in the same globe
    But I shot my creatures down, you're next, assasin mode
    Hold on cause its a ride, you either scream or you laugh
    And all you do is cry, give up, you tryna fold-back
    Fold back, grab a hold of that, you need to get a grip
    I am not delusional, your sanity must have slipped
    You know I am a little crazy, mental asylum greets me like an old friend
    But now I'm out, you bitches better prepare for your end.


  5. Musique Barb avatar

    RE: Rap Battle

    Sat, Dec 17, 2011 at 8:43 AM By: Musique Barb

    I didn't know y'all were on some whack shit
    All these rhymes so lame talking about how yall slick shit
    Stop talking back, bitch
    You must've learn from Kim cause you crackin and ain't shit
    Saying your back on your rap shit
    Your lyrics so old they can rot and sink-ship

    Titanic, you're going down alone
    You're drowning in your words sounding like a clone
    Stealing my shit, trynna make it sound like your own

    But I run this game,
    You can't get to my state cause y'all sounding the same, lame

    You're not hard enough yet,
    Pauz, you talk water but ain't gettin' nothing wet

    Pauz again,
    let me stop,
    I got some other things I could do then listen to y'all
    Yet, I'm feeling sorry for ya
    So I decided to give you something to keep you floatin'

    Lifesaver, I'm a hero
    While you still at the bottom sipping coke-zero
    I'm downing champagne
    Cheers to me, baby, because I own this game


    *Muwah!* *Muwah!*
    "They'll hate you if you're pretty.
    They'll hate you if you're not.
    They'll hate you for what you lack and they'll hate you for what yo

  6. RICOMINATI avatar

    RE: Rap Battle

    Sun, Dec 18, 2011 at 3:24 AM By: RICOMINATI

    Ya' little wanna-be's stay spittin' over sixteens
    I still take the lead, winning even in your dreams
    Not giving my fullest, still I seem to be the one
    Ahead of all you lames, I get hunnits y'all get none
    Laughing at you h*oes, thinking that your sh*t goes
    Raps so light even on Earth that sh*t floats
    Like ya'll taking naps, my sh*t's deadlier than crack
    My rap's a rat trap, they caught ya'll now fallback
    Having fun with this sh*t, so I guess I'll stay no bullshit
    I make it so confusing, you a virgin? Now you losed it
    Cause this just f*cked you up, gave it to ya' rough
    And I'ma keep on going till you b*tches get enough
    Murdered your heart, made your anus spill a fart
    Ripped ya'll raps apart, painted over them like art
    Open your eyes, I am above all ya'll, so cry
    Call Mr. Debbie, sh*ts sweet and throws pies

    Come at me bro!®
    - ©Jayy Rico

  7. RomansBestie avatar

    RE: Rap Battle

    Sun, Dec 18, 2011 at 5:09 PM By: RomansBestie

    does your pride feel wounded tryna sell those lines?
    that was lame, it was whack, sour as a lime
    Bet it made you grit your teeth rather admit defeat?
    it would be much less painful this time
    So while I start to dose over your lack of flows
    I guess I may as well reply
    Although there isn't much left to say because your words just aren't near mine
    Yawning, I type fast, quick reaction to this mockery
    You must be baked, I guess my words supplied the crockery
    Feeling ill? Well I'm guessing I'm much sicker
    You lost your mind, your verses cheap, reduced price sticker
    But nobody wants to buy this crap, this is just a bore just a bore
    And my words arent a comfort, I told you all before
    You seem to lack energy, but even red bull won't give you wings
    You're never fly, your lines just lie, you never even enter the ring
    You never even put on the gloves, unless we're talking mittens
    And it seems that most of you are softer than some kittens
    Your a slave to your stupidity, all you can do is bake
    But you got no rolls, got no cookies, and certainly got no cake
    What's it like to have no purpose, a barbie missing your limbs
    You try to make up for it, writing down this crap knowing you cant win
    Your flow is disabled, you can park in the handicaoped spot
    Your lines six feet under, so dead I can still smell the rot
    But I shovelled over it, febreezed the stench out of the air
    Gone is the verses that were written without care
    So I settle back in, sipping on my gin
    Because in the words of Nicki, all I do is win.


  8. iAMJCdC avatar

    Re: Rap Battle

    Sun, Dec 18, 2011 at 8:44 PM By: iAMJCdC

    I Be Slaying Anybody Who Stands In My Way
    I Am Still The King Call Me El Rey
    None Of Y'all Are A Challenge
    Woah There! DId You Just Lose Your Balance?!
    I Found Your Verses Really Funny
    Me Versus You! Your LIfe Ain't No Longer Sunny
    I Don't Need A Long Verse To Make You Look Bad
    I Have The Life You Wish You Had
    Your Verses Have Lost Their Meaning, Cliche
    I Already Hear You Saying Touche
    I Did It Once, I Will Do It Again
    I Will Stand Till The End

  9. Musique Barb avatar

    RE: Rap Battle

    Tue, Dec 20, 2011 at 4:40 AM By: Musique Barb

    You keep speaking as if I can hear you from here
    You're so far I need a telescope to see you, light years
    I know you're hating I can feel you radiating from here
    I'm like the sun you revolve around me, my dear

    I am better than you'll ever be
    But you keep trying be like me

    I'm too top game, top shit, better than you
    You're so, old news, back wash, nasty and prune

    Yea, boo
    You can try all you want but you already lost
    I'm already on top, I am the boss

    I would continue with this but I don't want hurt your feelings
    You know bitches get sensitive and can't handle the real things
    Yea, I'm calling out your fake shit
    Keep saying you're the best but you copy and take shit
    Damn, do you need to refuel?
    Thinking no one notice when you sound like a fool

    I'm tired of your repeats
    You wanna be hard bitch,
    well first off, you gotta grow some balls, trick
    Gets some originality and get off the same beats, leech

    Hop off that train, bitch,
    you just going the same way and getting as worse as Kim did
    Now don't go getting offended
    You a Nicki fan and I am too and that's splendid
    But that don't make you the top bitch
    That just makes you one step above being some lame shit
    So let's get reacquainted
    I'm the Queen's love and you're the slave, trick

    Color you purple,
    Blue, yellow, pink stick with your own trick circle
    Anywhere else you're squared, Spongebob lyrical,
    tired, frail, and terrible

    You might need to relax
    Take a bath
    Cause you got a little dirt where I stomped on your ass


    *Muwah!* *Muwah!*
    "They'll hate you if you're pretty. They'll hate you if you're not.
    They'll hate you for what you lack and they'll hate you for what you got."

  10. RomansBestie avatar

    RE: Rap Battle

    Fri, Dec 23, 2011 at 1:20 PM By: RomansBestie

    i didn't check this for a week, cause these verses are so weak
    Didn't care about these circumstances, winning for me just isnt bleak
    And as I knew would happen, there's just some mindless titter
    Lacking all your energy, thought you were bouncy, tigger
    but you have lost your stripes, what's with all this random talk?
    You seemed to have a bark, but you couldn't walk the walk
    And you crumble, your creativity's been drained
    And your parade, on it, my verses have rained
    You seem to need a fresh start, grab your pillow and your teddy
    Go to sleep, wake up fresh, maybe then you will be ready
    You should get down on your knees, pray to do better by your bedside
    But even at your freshest, I'll still wash you out, call me tide
    Your words contradict yourselves, blah blah blah
    Because when you read between the lines, you don't have to be far
    to hear the screaming of "my verses aren't great
    they aren't up to par, they score plus eight
    and i'm talking golf, a sport so boring it fits
    Like rich old people walking round in some knits"
    its putting me to sleep, please step up your game
    or I won't bother even writing words down for you lames
    because honestly, I'm not seeing much return
    Go back to rap school, cause you all need to learn

  11. Musique Barb avatar

    RE: Rap Battle

    Tue, Dec 27, 2011 at 9:28 AM By: Musique Barb

    You're talking school, well I'm the teacher you're the student
    Take a seat get out your notebook, I'm wise and prudent
    You obviously have been learning from all of the dumb ones
    Talking all about your walk but you sound like a dumb broad

    Blonde, you should've stopped when you had a chance
    Talking about some naps, try hibernating your raps perchance

    Wake up, when it's winter again
    The only reason you even trying is because you know I'm in
    This, right here you can own
    Cause I own your style, your words and your flow

    You saying your hard then get a candy name
    You wanna be like Eminem, I eat that chocolate and slay
    They all taste the same
    They all wack and fade
    You wanna be like Lil Wayne
    Get a Weezy name

    Yea, I'm trash-talking you down
    Though you should know that by heart that's where you raps are found
    Garbage, you stink, here the crickets while I read your words, weak

    Yet, you still continue though
    You just coming back for more when you are finito

    Duh dun dun, it's over
    I wish you better luck next time
    Hey, here's a four leaf clover
    You can use it as your life line
    (SN: I'm not hating on Eminem and Lil Wayne, love them ;])

    *Muwah!* *Muwah!*
    "They'll hate you if you're pretty. They'll hate you if you're not.
    They'll hate you for what you lack and they'll hate you for what you got"

  12. RomansBestie avatar

    RE: Rap Battle

    Tue, Dec 27, 2011 at 3:18 PM By: RomansBestie

    why yes I am blonde, isn't that a coinkydink?
    but I dont clown, thats you skiddamarinkadink
    except I don't love you like lipstick on the glass
    I'm here for a good time, not a long time, yet I last
    But you're last *ha ha ha* think you're coming in first?
    Like Ricky Bobby, you're a parody, you really are the worst
    I mean c'mon now, why don't we review the situation
    *this is a game of concentration, no repeats or hesitations*
    You've lost so bad, it seems like you've been misplaced
    And your pride? well, its obviously been disgraced
    And your flow, cold molasses, so slow, been replaced
    The path you've chosen, you may want to retrace
    I cannot see where you want to go except the podium high
    But you're going backwards Benjamin Button, a kid soon to die
    If you cannot handle what I say, perhaps you should admit defeat
    There's more pride in that then in hearing you repeat.

  13. iAMJCdC avatar

    Re: Rap Battle

    Wed, Dec 28, 2011 at 8:22 AM By: iAMJCdC

    I Break Bitches And Bones
    All Of These Raps Are Old
    You're Going To Get Buried Alive
    Its My Time To Shine
    I See These Rap Bitches Taking Dives At Each Other
    And I Was Like "Why Bother"
    I'm Still Walking The Red Carpet With My Cape And Crown
    You Already Know Its Going Down
    All These Rappers Acting Childish
    I Dont Play With Little Kids
    None Of This New
    What You Doing Aint Cool
    I Havent Taken Out My Mixtape And I'm Already Getting Fame
    See I'm Already Built For This Game
    I Terminate Anybody Who Gets In My Way
    Go Back And Play With Your Little Clay
    I'm Spitting Verses Like Nothing And Now JCdC Is Back
    And You Cant Do None Of That
    I Already See What Everybody Lacks
    I'm The Still The Best And Thats A Fact

  14. RomansBestie avatar

    RE: Rap Battle

    Fri, Dec 30, 2011 at 3:41 AM By: RomansBestie

    You think that you're the shit, yeah you think you're all that?
    You think you run the streets, call yourself alleycat
    But your glasses must be on crooked, straighten out boy
    You say you don't play with kids, well go grab a toy
    Cause you seem to be childish, I could babysit ya
    And my old kids CD's, they could maybe fit ya
    Cause you shouldn't be rapping, get a job with Raffi
    Banana phone, you're all alone; everyone can see
    You tryna act like the boss, you see that I'm the VP
    Its Pink Friday Records; The prez is Nicki
    You could be my towelboy, the flow so hot im perspiring
    And you wanna get my fame; its kinda inspiring
    How you think you own the game, you think you are the king?
    Well Im the queen, bow to your knees, kiss my scepter and my ring
    Yet Im cold, show no mercy to the little wannabes
    You're so crusty, cannot touch me, so dingy you got fleas
    Bet it'd burn ya to get on my level, I'm on fire flame; hot sauce
    But you are in the fourth lane, and I jump over you lames; hopscotch
    I keep it sweet, sweet and sour, lemon and butterscotch
    But when Im sour you can't take it; Clancy on the rocks
    Clancy on the rocks, Clancy oh you rock
    Cause your secret adoration ain't so secret Sherlock
    Everytime you try to take me down, its like a valentine
    Securing first place; a spot that is rightfully mine.
    So sit back, maybe its time you should retire
    You sound so old, just like my grandmother's attire
    grab her hat to hide your face, I'll get my Zanotti's and we'll race
    But you could never catch up to me, better step up to my pace.


  15. RICOMINATI avatar

    RE: Rap Battle

    Wed, Jan 4, 2012 at 5:31 PM By: RICOMINATI

    Tic-toc goes the clock as I'm loading my glock
    Couple hunnits in my sock, leave a nigga in shock
    Lyrics are in my hands, music is on my wrists
    Wrap that shit up, call it a rap fist
    You a half shaved, mop-headed Grinch
    My dick's so big, I turn around and you flinch
    Put a Sketchers in your mouth, shape your rap u
    Shit's so weak, make a wrist bent nigga look tough
    I play this game crazy, get wild like Jumanji
    Keep a papered nigga and a nice looking mami
    Your beat goes hard but my words go harder
    Commander and chief, you would have sweared I'm your father
    My bars are deadly, your lyrics it murdered
    Baby girl I'm so fresh like I'm the cover of Gerbert
    My talent is endless I could show it for hours
    Your diss has been devoured and Jayy Rico's in power

  16. Fernando David Martinez avatar

    RE: Rap Battle

    Sun, Jan 22, 2012 at 5:52 PM By: Fernando David Martinez

    "You Jasmin On Me Like They Call Me Magic Rug"

  17. iAMJCdC avatar

    Re: Rap Battle

    Mon, Jan 23, 2012 at 9:47 AM By: iAMJCdC

    Bitch you're the one who started all this drama
    By the time this is over you're going to call for your momma
    Bitch don't act dumb like you don't know what im talking about
    This whole rap shit you ain't built for so find another route
    I slayed once i slayed twice and this is going to be my third time
    Bitch i hope you're ready to say goodbye
    And this is just the beginning of my diss
    I mean you're the toilet on which im going to piss
    I see people staring at me when im out in the hallways
    I mean haven't these bitches seen a rapped that goes both ways
    I can feel you shake when i step inside the room
    I mean you already know that i win and you lose
    Im a bad motherfucker and nicki a bad Bitch
    My mixtape and her mixtape are nothing compared to this
    We get them good reviews
    While you're getting those bad views
    These rappers don't know shit about rapping
    All of these verses are just so wacky
    I say you're a dumb Bitch while nicki says you a stupid hoe
    Can't you see that im going to wrap another rap Bitchs coffin with a bow
    I have something prepared for every rap Bitch in this rap battle
    Some of you might run to the harajuku barbie and tattle
    Its just a diss nothing serious
    Unlike your face which i find hilarious

  18. YungMoney_Minaj avatar

    RE: Rap Battle

    Tue, Jan 24, 2012 at 1:36 AM By: YungMoney_Minaj

    I may be mad late, but i'm the freshest to date.
    you niggas think you stealin, but i'm at the home plate
    ya moms told you that you could rap, but son that woman lied
    after i'm through with you, i will have you hypnotized

    i'm the top bawse, walk around in a dashiki
    not even halfway through, yet you haters wanna be me.
    Playtime is Over, 2007 call me Nicki.
    all yous soft as ice cream, i'ma call you Pretty Ricky

    my flow dominates, call me Prominent
    this old school rhymin flow is predominant
    I roll up in a jaguar, and I'm parking on the sidewalk
    i'm so slick just call me Rick, no Sonic the Hedgehog

    This rhyme scheme is getting old,
    maybe it's time for me to switch the flow
    keep her pussy wet, can't move too fast, my boat i gotta row
    Gotta good accountant, someone to count my dough

    ugh i'm getting bored, I can't wait for a reply
    but my flow is superior, so why would you try
    cowards like mr. lion go ahead and cry
    I think it's time to finish up this rap, so i say good bye

  19. RomansBestie avatar

    RE: Rap Battle

    Tue, Jan 24, 2012 at 2:28 AM By: RomansBestie

    Its almost been a month since I checked this, look at how time flies
    And still it seems this boring text has me closing my eyes
    You all think adding cuss words makes you like a big boy
    Who told you that? Your imaginary friend, like your ploy?

    Cause while you claim to be the best, there truly is no point
    I'm reining over all, all the rest of you just dissapoint
    Because I bring my A game everyday like Im playing for LA
    But its True North Canada I rep till the end of my days

    And you think you're slick, as if you have been greased
    Words done stuck together like my cats food, Fancy Feast
    its about as chunky, quite as horrid, and no I'm not afraid
    Except for maybe the fact that your English must've failed a grade

    I think you need a rhyming dictionary, better call up me
    Because I know so many flows, something you could never be
    I have so much knowledge SOPA wanted to crash me too
    Im albert einsten and steven hawkings' brain masses times two

    But still while I'm still a nerd bitch, I keep it hypothermic
    I never chill with any lames because they always try to murk it
    Knock me off my pedestal, hah you'd need a 20 foot pole
    Im just that far ahead of you, cause bitch I'm on a roll

  20. YungMoney_Minaj avatar

    RE: Rap Battle

    Sun, Jan 29, 2012 at 5:43 AM By: YungMoney_Minaj

    I say cuss words, but that doesn't make me a man
    I rap smooth, writing flows like only Biggie can
    Your rap put me to sleep, math class
    In a rhymin battle, I'm pretty sure you come in dead last

    My flow is being weak, let me get my game together
    Pull up in that lamborghini, interior all leather
    Flow Lyte as feathers, rain on you watch the weather
    You're a meteor, I'm a blue comet
    Always hard to find, but I am who you covet

    I put a spell on you, Hocus Pocus
    I fly so high, I shift in and out of focus
    Why am I playing you, I didn't read your entire rhyme
    I find better things to do when I drop a dime

    That didn't sound right, the T, to the O. N.
    Get to runnin when you see me, I am a bad omen
    Get on your knees, say your prayers Dear Jesus, Amen
    You're my son, let me put you in your play pen

    You wanna think that you can flow agianst the big boys
    All of that babbling you're doing, calm with that noise
    But you wanna talk about a pedestal, I knocks people off
    Get the people jumpin, call me Kriss Kross

    You're Albert Einstein? he couldn't tie his shoes
    You seem to be upset, I see you've blown a fuse
    I make people have a blackout, that's what Prominent's about
    Get your blood pressure up, as if I'm the gout

    I get rap people so nervous, they st-st-stammer
    My flow, you can't touch this. Call me MC Hammer
    I'm the boss, Louis XIV. You can call me the Sun King
    Because in this industry, it's all aout me.

    I got all kinds of stacks of money, something you'll never see.
    Never givin up the cheddar, I'm not the Giving Tree
    You need a little help with your flow, you've got the right one.
    Killing people in the game, I do it all for fun.

    I really only checked this because ya boy was bored
    You're my son, I had to beat you with the extension cord
    Hahahah I had to laugh cause I'm a demon
    Cruisin full speed in the ferrari, gassed up steady schemin

    I am slick, white t-shirt like a Greaser
    Stupid Hoe, like a promo that's a teaser
    As for your flow, my left pinky toe got a bigger vocab
    Never throw a full punch, I'll just throw a jab

    What am i doing, this is boring. Let me go to sleep
    Never worry about the crown, cause it's mine to keep
    Goodbye, get to steppin, dueces, toodle loo
    However I chose to say it, I bid you adieu

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