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Tough Love

Tue, Jan 10, 2012 at 12:29 AM By: iAMJCdC

You And I Fell In Love
Thought This Was Easy But Its Tough
Everyone Once In A While We Get Hit Rough
I'm Sad That It Took Only One Arguement For You To Say That Enough Is Enough
I Still Reminisce The Good Times We Had Together
Being With You Was Always Better
I Thought This Was Going To Last Forever
I Should've Been More Clever
Why Did You Have To Leave
You Were So Nice And Sweet
You Swept Me Off My Feet
You Could Always Hear The Sound Of My Heartbeart
Whenever You Got Near Me
Now I've Lost You Dear Me
You Walking Out That Door Tears Me
I Wish You Just Would've Heared Me
Cause I Miss You
I Want To Kiss You
Never Meant To Diss You
Now I Got To Dismiss You
You Know All Of My Confessions
So You Know The Reason For My Obsession
Never Wanted This Petition
Please Can You Just Shut Up And Listen
Oh My Gosh I Wish I Could Turn Back Time
By Just Pressing A Button That Says Rewind
But All I Got To Say Is That I'm Happy You Came Into My Life
Thanks To You, I Now Feel Alive


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