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Random Bars

Tue, Jan 24, 2012 at 1:53 AM By: YungMoney_Minaj

Everybody, these are just random bars that I wrote when I was in World History 2. Please critique :)

see, this dude right here, yeah you THOUGHT you could rap.
you're rappin out the side of your neck, just shut your trap...DOOR
you want it to stop, i'm coming up with more
For number 1, I'm're poor
I ball harder than a P-I-M-P
Throwin subliminal shots? Come on homey get at me.
You're soft, the whole world can see
Get like me, W-I-M-P

Leave rap negroes standing mouth agape, with no sign of dropped balls.
I decide your fate, now the shots I call.
Brother, your money stacks bout as tall as midgets
But it's just full of ones, if you need money big homey, come and get it.
Your style fly bout as high as a crashed plane
You swervin a little to the left, fuck out of MY lane
You went lookin for a diss? Playtime is Over
I was quiet, now ya luck ran out...3 leaf .
I got a 4 leaf, your flow blows like a queef

My flow knocks socks, your flow just kicks rocks.
You on call waitin, my brother, hang it up
You won't even reach number 2, your career faked on you
My rap lines is heaven. The 7 5 7
In Norfolk, VA. My bro, come around I'll show you how we play
I get the paper everyday, I mean in every way
You can get the vapor, but when I hit the paper.
I like to slice and dice em up like a tako hiki.
And then you wonder why you're dead, dont try and fuck with me.

I bring the heat, just call me Lebron James.
No, no, no screw that. Prominent's the name
It's Prominent T.O.N., that means I"m tired of niggas
And you know, MLK is my hera
YYou might wanna take notes, you have album sales of zera

I keeps it going, you the one that's throwin shots.
You must got the shit mistaken as on who's hot
I'm flyin really high, I'm a UFO.
Try to mess with my flow,
You should already know.

Tell me what you thnk. Honestly, I don't like it too much, because the flow switches up too much for me :)

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