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Lil Kim

Fri, May 11, 2012 at 11:07 AM By: Benicus

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If You Stand For Nothing, You Will Fall For Anything

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    Re: Lil Kim

    Mon, Nov 26, 2012 at 7:05 AM By: MothrfcknMonsterMinaj

    trishbabygirl wrote:
    okay this whole lets just bash lil kim is annoying and very childish. like honestly do your homwork little barbies. before you go out and call lil kim fake, and her rapping ability sucks you might want to check out her songs and videos before lil kim came at nicki minaj with her black friday diss. the proof is in the pudding and the way i see it is that nicki took lil kim's style. i hope you know back in the day the music industry was not really used to seeing any female rapper who dressed like outlandish like lil kim did. so it was lil kim who's name was barbie and wore the wigs, too. lil kim and foxy brown, trina, are the baddest female mc's period and for you to ever think that nicki minaj is anything diffarent from her raucnhy image than you are wrong. its hard being a femlae rapper anyway because it seems that this society does not really think of them as eqauls of thier male counterparts. they have to come with the lyrics harder and try to have this whole sex appeal to them. i must say it i hate female rapers anyway they can't do it like the men can i'm sorry. but when nicki minaj says suck my dick i'm like ugh really ? why do you have say that or lil kim even she says that too. why even try to act like male while rapping you can't get away with it. the best female rappers are queen latiah mc lyte, lauryn hill, saltn peppa, . like i said lil kim did not do anything wrong and nicki minaj just needs to acknowldge the fact that she owes lil kim for her image.

    First of all, get your quote at the bottom right. Clearly #youahater
    Second of all, everybody is entitled to their opinion. Lil Kim isn't every ones cup of tea. Everybody has done their homework but, bottom line, they don't appreciate some lab rat coming up and talking shit about our queen. That's it plain and simple. Maybe you should do YOUR homework and read the comments above where people are saying they actually RESPECTED Kim until she disrespected HB.
    More importantly, why you all up on a Nicki forum sayin' that Nicki took Kims style? And that Nicki is nothing but sex appeal?
    Your obviously a hater trollin' for Kim.

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