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The Jaw crusher development

Fri, Nov 1, 2013 at 6:51 AM By: robertking

The jaw crusher technology manufacturers machine are very wide, there are a few manufacturers products close to the advanced world level, but most of the manufacturers of the products with the world advanced level compared to the larger gap. Jaw crusher frame accounted for a large proportion of the whole quality (casting frame welded machine accounted for 50%, accounting for 30%). Foreign jaw crusher are welded frame, even moving jaw also adopts a welding structure. The jaw crusher is the development direction of the welding machine. There are many domestic structure of jaw crusher frame design unreasonable examples, the reason is not in accordance with the crusher actual stress to arrangement of the stiffener. garnet processing plant in kenya
Ensure that the fundamental factors of jaw crusher is best performance of jaw movement characteristics of the best, this feature is also obtained by optimum design of mechanism. Therefore, jaw crusher mechanism optimization design is the basic method of crusher has the best performance. With the help of the mechanism feldspar processing equipment for sale
optimization design module optimization design of the crusher of various specifications, the movable jaw movement characteristics of optimal is obtained. The practice results indicated that, the crusher performance improved significantly. The computer has been basically popularized in the domestic manufacturers, but the jaw crusher design optimization mechanism has not been widely applied. The jaw crusher machine weight is generally higher than abroad crusher with the specifications of the. Reduce weight is an important milling machine in zimbabwe

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