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Nicki's response on Kim (Angie Martinez Interview

Mon, Dec 13, 2010 at 2:44 PM By: Rhiannon

I just want to talk about this for a minute. Everytime I got someone looking down on me I like to listen to this interview. I think that we should start using Nicki's response in every day life! Nicki hit it right on the head....why people gotta not appreciate those that come after them. Your time doesn't last forever! Haterz don't attack people that aren't doing big things. They aren't competition. As soon as someone starts to come up they freak. The list of people that Nicki gives on Kim's hatin.....isn't even half of them. That is where she gets all of her publicity! It's all negative! Think about how much further she would have gotten if she appreciated the hommage that Nicki did pay to her. Nicki is so much bigger than the other people that Kim has attacked...so I hope this one really Kicks her right in the teeth!

Anyway, like Nicki said "bitches are like crabs in a bucket...You see a bad bitch gettin shine you should love it!

That's the truth. Nicki could've opened doors for you KIM! But, now you've burned that bring....You know deep down Kim regrets every bit of what she's done. But, know she has to run the other way....Just so she gets some time of publicity!

Just my thoughts for the day!

*Barbie Rhiannon*

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    Re: Nicki's response on Kim (Angie Martinez Interview

    Mon, Dec 13, 2010 at 5:51 PM By: laurarogan

    You can't read your post the writing is that big.
    Tell these bitchez get a stick, i'm done leading the blind.

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