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Mon, May 28, 2012 at 6:28 PM By: wade(ctrl)


a) Avatars, usernames and images displayed on member profiles and signatures must not contain any obscene material - this includes (but not limited to) violence, pornography, and/or discrimination of any sort. If you are in doubt of the suitability of material, you probably shouldn't be posting it.


a) Profanity should be kept to a minimum. Excessive use of swearwords or swearwords used to intimidate, bully or provoke a negative response from other members is not acceptable. Members found in breach of this rule will have their post(s) deleted and a warning given. Continuing violations will result in a permanent ban.


a) Thread/blog posts, private messages and user profiles must not contain material that would be deemed offensive, abusive, threatening, harassing, racist, homophobic, xenophobic or sexist. This list is not exhaustive and anyone found posting hateful and/or vulgar material will be banned from the forum. Please bare in mind that this is an open and public forum and can be viewed by people of ALL ages and backgrounds.

b) Be aware that everyone has a difference of opinion. Although debating is acceptable, members must be tolerant of other peoples' views.

c) Be welcoming of new members.


a) Please search for existing topics/treads before creating a new one. Duplicate threads will either be deleted or merged.

b) Try to keep discussions on-topic as per the thread title.

c) Only comments or posts by Staff or Artists should be taken as official. If you come across a statement that is from a member, please take into consideration that this may not be true. (ex. new releases, secret shows, tour dates).

d) Do not spam, troll or post inappropriately throughout the forum.


a) By using this forum, you agree not to violate laws regarding piracy. You must not post links to websites that contain illegal content, whether related Nicki Minaj or not. This includes linking to websites of warez, cracks, torrents, pornography and ones inciting hatred.

b) Leaking content from any artist/musician is unacceptable


a) The moderation team are here to enforce the rules to make the Nicki Minaj forums a fun place for all. If you believe a decision has been made either incorrectly or by mistake, then contact a moderator with details of the issue and we'll aim to rectify this.


a) Use the “Site Feedback” category or contact a moderator if you have any suggestions to the improvement of the forum or if you need any clarity of the rules stated here.

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