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just for the record [the receipts]

Sat, Feb 12, 2011 at 12:28 AM By: Nadja.

you know when you're breaking records 7 times a week every week it's kinda hard to keep track of... all these gah-damn records.

so yea, we can keep track of em here in case a bum wanna talk slick and act like they don't know, future reference, or just so we can look back and be like omg.. she's come so far yadda yadda. lol

thread is open for discussion btw, i'll just keep updating this part with added stuff. anything you find just post & we'll use discretion.

1. Most Hot 100 entries (that are actually singles) by an artist to chart in a single week. [7 - October 20, 2010.]

2. Most Hot 100 entries in a calender year by a female rapper. [20?]

3. 2nd most Hot 100 entries (total) for a female rapper. [21]

4. Most Hot 100 entries from a single album for a female rapper. [6]

5. Most Hot 100 entries from a single album in a single week by a female rapper. [4 - (date?)]

6. Most consecutive weeks in the Top 10 on the Billboard 200 chart since release for a female rap album. [14 - Pink Friday]

7. Eighth(?) best-selling solo female rap album. [1.04mil - Pink Friday]

8. Most weeks at #1 for a female rapper/female rap album [Billboard Rap Albums - Pink Friday]

9. Only female rapper to simultaneously have a #1 album and #1 rap single in the US [Pink Friday & Moment 4 Life]

10. Only female rapper to have a #1 album on the Billboard 200, Billboard Rap Albums, and Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop albums simultaneously. [Pink Friday - February 10, 2011]

11. Biggest first week sales for a female rap album. [375,000 copies - Pink Friday]

12. Female rap album with the most weeks at #1. [Billboard Rap Albums & Billboard Hip-Hop/R&B Albums)

13. Fourth female rapper to ever have a #1 album in the US. [Foxy Brown, Eve, Lauryn Hill]

14. Third rap album by a female to peak at #1 in the US. [Chyna Doll, Ruff Ryders' Anthem]

15. Highest selling female rap album release since 2003. [La Bella Mafia - 1.1 Million]

16. Album that took the longest time to reach #1 since 2005. [11 weeks - Genius Loves Company - 25 weeks]

17. Only female rapper to never spend a single week off the Hot 100 in one year. [2010]

18. First female rapper to make MTV's annual "Hottest MCs" list.

17. First female rapper to perform at the Yankee Stadium in The Bronx, NYC.

18. First rapper (male or female) to grace the cover of V magazine.

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    Re: just for the record [the receipts]

    Wed, Mar 23, 2011 at 6:08 AM By: iPotora

    Wish we could favorite threads.

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