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Mon, Apr 4, 2011 at 6:29 PM By: Ashley RealGirl

Im a fan of good music just like any good person is. I appreciate all artists for their individual talents except for maybe rebecca black... lol. Buuuut everybody is making a circus out of hip hop. Can't musical artists with such influential words such as Nicki speak about something other than themselves. How about you speak about something that matters in the world. Even if doing so sacrifices some money or fans, its better than being a self centered artist. I appreciate music like Erykah Badu, (used to) lil wayne, Common, Mac Dre, and Andre Nickitina. Sorry Nicki but your music is for the self centered, naive and spoiled American with no conscience of a higher level of thinking. And you'll probably never read this because this website is just an idea for you to see the scale of your customers, and even if you did see this the chances of you changing or even responding to me are entirely miniscule due to the fact that you dont really give a damn, youre "making paper". And youre right, all it is that you make is little pieces of paper; you dont make any long lasting changes using your music that benefit anyone but yourself and your ego and your "stacks o' paper". And thats how you'll leave this world, with your ego and your "stacks o' paper". But please don't listen, just observe every other star that died in vain.

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    Tue, Jun 7, 2011 at 7:53 PM By: Jasminx

    I think everyone is taking this wayyyyy to seriously. People don't go into bakeries or butchers and tell them instead of selling stuff to people they should be sending it to poor countries lol. If you like Nicki's music, which I do, listen do it. If you don't, listen to something else. It's only music guys! :) Just have fun! I hope you don't take everything this seriously! xx

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    Wed, Jun 8, 2011 at 2:05 AM By: Saxon

    I understand where u are coming from.

    You're right.Nicki is "Getting Paper" which only makes sense since she use to live in a time where she had none,and had to watch her biggest influence (her mother) struggle to maintain any.I'm pretty sure that's why she is so focused on getting her money.She has said before,she want's to be able to get her brother in to college so that he does not think it is impossible,she want's to be able to move her mom into a house of her own without having to watch her mother struggle (and she did,she bought her mom a new house)

    Yeah she is getting alot of money (300,000 for the Trinidad show) but we don't know how much of that money is going towards family members college tution's or materialstic things so we can't say she's self centered if we don't know for a fact that all she spends her money on is materialstic thing's but we do know for a fact that she is giving back to the family that raised her.

    In her defense,the song I'm The Best reflects on "Stuff That Matters"

    *I remember when i couldnt buy my mother a couch
    Now i'm sitting at the closing bought my mother a house
    You could never understand why i grind like i do
    mikiyah and gulani why i grind like i do"

    And song's like Save Me,Here I Am,Fly and Dear Old Nicki don't relfect the personality of someone that is "Self-centered*

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    Wed, Jun 8, 2011 at 6:56 AM By: DJ Lewinski

    for one your about the dumbest bitch i know... if you dont like nicki minaj fine stay off this site. we dont need to hear your bullshit. nicki are the most about her fans she takes time to talk to us all the time. the reason we are on this site is to support her and to know the latest happennings in her life with music and other stuff. we are here to talk to others who love nicki. We share how Nicki gives us hope and make us wanna live our dreams. nicki is the most real artist i know. shes sweet and kind.... and obviously you dont know what your talkin about cuz if you knew nicki like us then you would understand. your just ignorent and wanna hate cuz shes bad. so i think your wasting your time on here. so go get a life and actually listen to her lyrics!
    They call me Lewinski

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    Sun, Jul 3, 2011 at 2:33 PM By: DollyLama-Bustitbarbie

    i think u got this wrong its not self centered its called self esteem n knowing ur worth im not an American and i appreciate her music..she is the best female rapper of our generation n u probably just listen to a few of her song and came to that conclusion...i have been listening to her since she was on mix tapes her flow is sick n her lyrics are tight. Go Nicki no1 can stop your shine keep doing your thing...

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