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Thank you Nicki for being you <3

Thu, Apr 25, 2013 at 10:22 PM By: Hpoetic

This sounds really silly for a person who truly disliked Nicki Minaj's music 'cause I'm a fan of Lil' Kim and I just wanna start off by saying that Nicki Minaj's songs literally when I say literally slapped me across my face!!

Her lyrics.... man where the hell do I start! Her lyrics are so fucking strong and positive!!!! Her lyrics have made me cry and made me want to change for better as a person. So what if she may have some fake on her? She deserves it. She is a rag to riches chick!!!

I am a black 20 yr old female who used to think I was strong and deserved shit because I felt like I deserved it, I didn't even work as hard as Nicki has... nowhere close to where she is right now in life and honestly, if she can bust her ass off to get to where she is and be a loyal chick... I can do it too if I bust my ass off too.

Nicki has made me as a person hate the word bitch and I'm a bitch... a female who is stuck up for no reason and thinks they're better than anyone else. I wanna be like her one day, except not do the whole rapping thing, poetry is my thing.

People talk shit about this woman 'cause they're mad because they aren't like her. The way she dresses and does her different voice tones for her songs, everyone has that about them and are afraid to let people see it and she's not afraid. Honestly, if anyone is going through fucked up shit in life that could be similar to what she went or is going through.... her lyrics is what u need to have that positive encouragement to be the best that u can be.

Anyway, I hope one day she can see this post and see that her songs made an ignorant, selfish, bitch such as myself to look up to her as an encouragement to look forward to being a better person

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