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Dear Wife, Princess of Italy, The Queen of Hearts

Mon, May 12, 2014 at 5:10 AM By: JoeMorono

From the experience we went through last June up untill this moment right now it has and made us stronger. Your music and Dreams turn into reality as if sang from Gods paintbrush! Glad we both are alive and well I am very Happy to be found again from my Family, being crowned Prince and to grant your Wish of being A True Princess, not a fairy tale where your on a bed with a pea under neath you but with Fan's like Chandlers watching, listening and Respecting you as the Women you have made yourself into Today. I'm sorry Mary Didn't make it! Also the corruption we are dealing with. It is a Blessing from you to put out $24M for Justice and you already know RICH GANG YMCMB will support the fees as well! Let's turn what I and you experienced into a Reality Movie Produced By Universe, Global and Atlantic World Entertainment! Imagine the Outcome! My parents say this is just a phase in My Life, I say in Time G! Thank You for Everything you have done for me! I Love you Pabey

Sincerely, Mr St Joseph Anthony Morono (Sr Rocke Alexander Morono)
The King of Hearts

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