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Dominoes(Next Single)

Tue, Sep 6, 2011 at 2:22 PM By: KurtIsGaga4Minaj

So the year is coming to an end, and we are on our 6th single(Romans revenge was promotional and Dominoes was only UK)

Fly isn't charting very high on the itunes chart at the moment but i will assume thats due to it hasn't been added to rhythmic radio yet(we see how this week goes).

But besides that the year is coming to an end and i think one single is left for pink friday or 2. But most likely one at this point(timing wise).

I was thinking it Dominoes would be the next best thing to release as a single.
Yea i know we rather see Romans Revenge or Dear Old Nicki or Save me as a single, But at the end of the day a Single is to promote and persuade you to buy the entire album and Dominoes have that potential(thought its only iTunes Exclusive right now).

1: It has a very good hook and samples a very popular song.(used in various commercials)
2: it has already been played in multiple media outlets(I heard it in a commercial and in the movie friends with benefits)
3: It an iTunes exclusive meaning it hasn't been heard very much by the listener base. Ex: Fly you get with the album so many people already heard/own it. Dominoes have few listeners which means it be new to a lot of people.
4: The song is just fucking awesome.
5: The Video would be badass. Just my thoughts.

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