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Miami, FL 7.24.12

Thu, May 10, 2012 at 7:29 PM By: wade(ctrl)

Post any info about the show here! Who's going? Post reviews as well.

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    Re: Miami, FL 7.24.12

    Sat, Jul 28, 2012 at 9:58 AM By: immikeeey

    MY Nicki Minaj Pink Friday Tour Review

    My negative Nicki Minaj Pink Friday Tour Review from Miami, Florida (July 24th, 2012): The concert was short. Mostly every song she performed was cut in half... meaning she would only do a few verses (if that)! She was late to her own concert, figures my luck... the second show she was late to was mine... and of all places.. Miami, Florida!? I understand traffic, weather conditions, personal issues, etc... however, that is very unprofessional... for her OWN first independent tour, really.. especially for the VIP, since we are the only ones paying (EXTRA) for it whether we like it or not! If I would of gone without the VIP Upgrade experience, I think I would of enjoyed the concert better, even though that means not meeting Nicki Minaj... it just would of been SO much less drama. I never thought I would say that either! I mean, it's fricken Nicki Minaj! And sadly, I lost some respect for her after this experience... still love her 100%, just felt like I didn't get what I paid for. Didn't get my autograph like I was promised, and basically didn't get early acess to the venue due to us waiting on Nicki to arrive! :/ The worst was after the show... we formed as a group (of the VIPS) at the right end of the stage (where we formed a line earlier that night for our pics with Nicki) to try and confirm why we didn't get our boob signings or autographs. And let me say, they were SO rude! First the security with remarks like "if you guys don't leave we are going to have the police escort you out!" They just treated us like we were the problem, when all we wanted is what WE paid for, and were TOLD we were getting! THEN Nicki's manger later tried buying us off with a picture of nicki from the merchandise stand that anyone could buy for 10$, and then avoided the questions about the autographs purposely **so it seemed anyways..like he was doing us a favor? And kept asking who got their VIP laminates, and who didn't get one earlier... like that is crazy to me, yeah buy me off with these cheap things *sarcasm* (yes, it was a cute pic, but it came in a set with two other pics of nicki **same pics found in her Roman Reloaded album CD case** And this set of pics sold for $10 dollars at the merchandise stand.) Last time I checked my VIP Upgrade totaled at $260.. you do the math!!? And we mostly had our laminates by this point.. -_-

    So as I decide what actions to take, I hope you take all my thoughts and rambles into consideration. Have a good time, or try.. and if you had a awful time... PLEASE CONTACT...

    BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU (BBB): http://www.bbb.org/northeast-california/business-reviews/ticket-sales-events/groundctrl-in-sacramento-ca-47008691/file-a-complaint



    My postive Nicki Minaj Pink Friday Tour Review from Miami, Florida (July 24th, 2012): Well Nicki looked beautiful, which is no surprize! And she seemed so sweet and down to earth at the meet and greet (the two seconds I was there for...) and the show was great (although to me, personally not as well as her touring with Britney Spears in the Femme Fatale Tour, but that could of been because I felt like she performed longer at Britney's show...). She stage presence was AMAZING. Even if you were in the far away seating, you could tell she really had love for all of us, and it seemed like she was having a good time on stage! She performed "Save Me" and she had the cutest outfit, it was probally my favorite.

    I don't know why anyone would think if we had a completely AMAZING time we would be on here posting such awful things about our idol, Minaj. I mean, I would be on Facebook bragging or something. We are all friends here, keeping each other updated. So CHILL! D: I wouldn't be writing all of this if I didn't have a problem, and wasn't so annoyed with all this! Haha I know I am going to get hate for bringing you guys down who haven't attended yet. I am staying hopeful for you guys, but take everything you're reading on here seriously, or with a grain of salt... but I am telling you guys JUST BE PREPARED FOR WHATEVER HAPPENS BARBZ!!!!

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