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Nicki Minaj in Philippines!

Thu, Jul 12, 2012 at 3:07 PM By: SealedLipsBarbz

Only Globe users and those who can afford to avail the Globe promo -- in partnership with Blackberry had the chance to watch Nicki.

&& I feel so bad that I didn't have the chance to watch her perform live :( I badly want to see her.


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    RE: Nicki Minaj in Philippines!

    Thu, Aug 2, 2012 at 7:27 AM By: NikkiLheya

    The show was amazing and I can't get over until now, though it was a month ago, and I still have the hang over of joy, what nicki brought us. Every songs she sang I was like "hey is this live? She actually sang like on CD" she's the best especially when the beeze in trap was hit by the stage! Geeezee! I really looove it!. She even dance really well and i told to my self its worth the wait, because we waitied for nicki for an hour, but when the romans revenge was played it totally made sooo crazy. The show took an hour and half with no rest for nicki expt when she change her hair and clothes. All I can say is I really love her, she's a good singer, performer and i know a good person. One thing that makes me jelous is that, why is there no meet and greet after the show?;( awe! ;( feel free to visit us again your filipina barbz. Love you nick! Forever fan of yours in the philippines

    XOXO! ;) my heart is youuuurs!!!

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