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July 31 STL

Tue, Jul 17, 2012 at 12:37 AM By: ms. brooks

NICKI NICKI NICKI! okay so i'm a huge huge fan i kno all of ur songs from when i first heard it in slumber party to take it to the head, of course with many more. I really really wanted to go to your show, i just got married and that's the only thing that i was getting excited about for my husband to experience it with me. I know your on tour and you prolly won't see this, but it's worth a shot right. you can't gain from anything if you don't take a risk. anyways the show is already sold out, and the only tickets left are like a million dollars each. I really want to see you so bad because your so bad ass. Actually ur "lil sis" told me to messege you and you might respond, i helped her get to imaging studios, and wished her blessings when she goes to cali for disney. So please please please, if you have any extra tickets let a sista kno! I really really wanna go, i cried when i found out that they were sold out.

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