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Meet & Greet Experiences

Mon, Jul 30, 2012 at 11:01 PM By: MinajFantastica

Hey guys...post anything VIP related such as your experience you had during your meet and greet with Nicki Minaj or the tour

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    Re: Meet & Greet Experiences

    Tue, Sep 11, 2012 at 2:43 AM By: kiwiliciousa

    OMG thats very disappointing! I would of been so mad!
    I saw her when she came to Dallas Tx and well I had a lot of expenses that I didn't buy my meet and greet pass and my little sister loves her too so thats already 500 + tickets you know , even thought I was at the very top I had an amazing time and I told myself I was going to wait for her after the show by her tour bus like I waited for Bruno Mars. Sooooo I did! I was with my 9 year old sis outside waiting waiting and waiting! the concert ended at 11 and I stayed up there till 1 or 2 with other Barbz, we were all singing Beautiful sinner, stupid hoe, moment for life, so many songs omg it was so moving! Some of her team came out and gave us waters of course there wasn't enough for everyone but it amazed me the ones that got water offered everyone else a sip. AW. lol So then her dancers come out and interact with us talking about how they got picked and took a few pics then SB came out omg he so fine lol he was so nice signing autographs idk why I didn't ask for one! :( but I did take a pic of him. So he goes back in and were still there singing then find entertainment with an Armadillo lol Then FINALLY she came out omg I went nuts!!! my sister was so happy! And we stick our hands out through the fence and she high-fived us!

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