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More Concerts in Germany, dear Nicki!

Sun, Sep 9, 2012 at 4:31 PM By: JuttaButler

Dear Nicki if you read the topic, you might know what this is about.

I think that i can talk for all your fans from Germany.
WE are disappointed, that you only did one concert in Germany.
For most of the fans Berlin is too far away. It's such a bad feeling when you know that your idol is in your country, but too far away.

For those who live in the south of Germany, the north is "unreachable"!
Please talk to your management to plan more concerts on your next tour
if you want to make us happy :)

Listening to your music is such a great experience - again and again. But seeing you live in concert is even more than this - maybe just a dream, but when the chance to realize this dream is removed, your world is tumbling down.

I really hope that you read this, i would love to see you on your next tour :)

Jutta & and all your german Barbz :)

PS: To everbody who sees this and agrees with me, please comment and like, that nicki sees it too! :)

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    RE: More Concerts in Germany, dear Nicki!

    Sun, Sep 9, 2012 at 10:55 PM By: JenniYM

    You're so right ! I'm disappointed too, i thought she comes for her fall tour again to germany , to another city (maybe cologne) but nooooooooo. :/

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