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Help Nicki Pick Charities!

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Nicki Minaj wants to make some charitable donations and help raise money for worthy causes, but she's looking for your input!

What charity means a lot to you? What organization should she and the Barbz help raise money and awareness for?  Tell us the name of the organization and why.  Post your response in the form of a comment here.  We'll take the top charities posted and make an exclusive user
poll with that data for everyone to vote.

Please keep your suggestion to 100 words or less and and only make one charity suggestion per person. 

Thank you!

  1. jdjdfjkdfjdkcjdkcjdkxjfkkdd avatar

    On Fri, Feb 8, 2013 at 9:13 AM, jdjdfjkdfjdkcjdkcjdkxjfkkdd said:

    If need put in my suggestion, I'd go by the Pink Ribbon (Breast Cancer awareness and funding charity).
    As the world keeps developing and becoming a greater place, it’s important to realise that breast cancer is something that’s becoming more and more common each year in women.
    It’s crucial to do something about it in the present so that those who are diagnosed and impacted by it within the future have a greater chance to be bettered, treated, even more importantly be cured and recover from such a disease.

    This charity could help in several ways, meaning that they get given the opportunity to do more studies and research. Meaning that ways are found to cure or have greater knowledge of how to avoid the cancer spreading, give better therapies to patients and improve quality of life for the diagnosed individual and their families.

    A bit over 100 words but couldn’t have expressed myself any better.

  2. R0man_Z0lanski avatar

    On Fri, Feb 8, 2013 at 6:01 AM, R0man_Z0lanski said:

    Hi Nicki you should donate to Joyful Solutions located in California. Joyful Solutions is an independent sober living for individuals with dual diagnosis and co occurring disorders. It is a place where the mentally ill are being worked on daily to stay away from drugs, have stabilty, keep them off the streets, give them their medications daily and giving them a reason to do better for themselves each day. Every one we have is special in their own way so many different characteristics, personalities, and talents. But we really need help providing a better place for them so we can maybe provide free meals daily add activities and sports into their daily lives make them feel more special and wanted into this world that neglects and pushes them away

  3. mail avatar

    On Fri, Feb 8, 2013 at 3:58 AM, mail said:

    Backpack Food Program
    There should be no child hungry in our country, so much money is wasted on unimportant things, no child is unimportant. There are over 18 million children that qualify for free lunch in our nations schools, however by the end of the week, many children don't have the food that is needed for the weekend. Now through this program food is collected in various ways and packed in each of the eligible childrens backpacks when the kids are out of the room, so no child is embarassed about getting this assistance. I think this is a great program, at my grandkids school they have this type of program, food is collected various ways. Food is always needed for this program, no child can learn without food in their stomaches and if they are not getting food that is needed during the weekend they are not prepared for the school day on Monday. Their health is helped by good food being available all the time for them. I think this type of program is a place where money is needed.

  4. Teamwork Wins Ltd avatar

    On Fri, Feb 8, 2013 at 2:55 AM, Teamwork Wins Ltd said:

    Indigo, High Functioning Autism, AD/HD, Asperger’s, Children
    Teamwork Wins Ltd is a 12 yr. old non-profit organization assisting children with Invisible Challenges™. We help children who don’t fit a world that teaches people to be like others and not to stand out.
    We teach children to be who they are, not who they are told they should be and share their unique beauty with the world.
    Their uniqueness is their gift!
    My husband and I love your honesty, uniqueness, and intuition…which is how our organization operates also.
    Adele Saccarelli Cavallaro, Founder and Executive Director
    Thank you for this opportunity!

  5. CJTulley avatar

    On Thu, Feb 7, 2013 at 10:13 PM, CJTulley said:

    Nicki you should donate to a Down's syndrome charity. My aunty had Down's syndrome and people always make jokes about it ands its not a funny matter. We do charity events for Down's syndrome every year and it would be cool knowing someone like you would also donate to it.

  6. Millieexo avatar

    On Thu, Feb 7, 2013 at 7:40 PM, Millieexo said:

    She needs to donate to Darian House in the UK who help children with cancer and make them happy and enjoy their last days...

  7. Kevin_Minaj avatar

    On Thu, Feb 7, 2013 at 7:30 PM, Kevin_Minaj said:

    Nic, my suggested charity is the MS Society because this is a case very dear to my heart and hits close to home. My mother is currently suffering from Multiple Scerosis (MS) which is a disease that weakens the muscles and effects the human nervous system. I believe it to be one of the worst conditions a person could be diagnosed with yet not much is known about this disease within the public. Therefore I feel people need to be aware of this and what they can do to help. My mother has gone from being very independent to struggling to be able to do things for herself. She is now wheelchair bound and is finding it very hard to even stand up. Because of her condition, it has also brought on other things like infection and because of the weakened muscles, she has fallen at times and recently broken her ankle which has set her even further back. I would appreciate your looking into this, the website is

    Thank you so much for this oppurtunity Nicki, sometimes you're the only reason I have to smile.
    - Kevin ([email protected])

  8. ahawkins avatar

    On Thu, Feb 7, 2013 at 7:07 PM, ahawkins said:

    The organization I am encouraging you to support is the Lake Junaluska Junior Girls Golf Asso. We are a 1 of a kind organization located in western NC for girls ages 6-18 where we introduce girls to the wonderful sport of golf. They pay a 1 time fee of $25 and receive a membership to the golf course that is good until they graduate high school, along w/ scheduled play dates & lessons from the wonderful golf pro, Rick Constance, who started the program to give girls an opportunity to learn to play a sport that fosters physical activity, fun, and integrity and builds their self esteem. We often provide clubs, balls, etc, and for the first time this year we proudly gave a scholarship to a graduating high school senior. We hope to be able to continue the scholarship opportunity every year and to offer one gifted by you would be amazing to these girls! We have over 140 young girls from 5 surrounding counties and we continue to grow each year.

  9. stbaby avatar

    On Thu, Feb 7, 2013 at 1:48 PM, stbaby said:

    Hi Nicki ,i think you shld help the lest priviledge ones like myself and teenage girls that drop out of school due to pregnancy.First ,i want to commend your good gestures and i pray that God wil continue to bless you.Am writing this with every faith i have and i believe that with God all things are possible .my son who is 4yrs has autism ,this is an intellectual disability .which affects their speech ,mobiltity and understanding.Up till now he is yet to speak a word surprisingly he can sing all your songs on youtube without covering his ears .Nicki,please am not asking for much but a speech and occupational therapist for him .he was registerd with the local services here in ireland since he was one but he is yet to receive any because of endless waiting list.if you can do this for me, it will definitely mean an entire world for me and save his dreams from dying due to autism.We are in ireland and my email address is [email protected] and God bless.

  10. NICKI MINAJ FAN 4 EVER! avatar

    On Thu, Feb 7, 2013 at 1:08 PM, NICKI MINAJ FAN 4 EVER! said:

    I mean are u is suppose to be our so what I meant was they need our help

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