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Posted by Nicki Minaj

Hi cutie bears!!!!! Have no fear, I'll work my way back to your countries sooner or later. *kisses ALL of you* I'm with you in spirit ;)... 

Today I'm doing a party for a special occasion for a cute little boy...can't give deets right now but I'm sure I'll have lots to write about tomorrow. lol. I was sooo obsessed with New York's rain yesterday into the night. I absolutely love being super high up, on the 100th floor and seeing the rain pound onto the glass windows. Aahhhhh!!!! scary and exciting!!!! (not really the 100th floor but very high up). Thank God its not raining now tho, the kid gotta go out and handle that BI!!!! Getting my nails done shortly, I finally found a lady I like out here (i think) *crosses fingers*...she's maaad cute...she's either Vietnamese or Chinese. Anyway...

Writing today at some point, and I will also attempt to get all the twerk vids up on the site so you guys can give your opinions as well =).

I've really been having the time of my life out here. I wonder how I'm gna feel when its time to go back home to LA. This is really the first time I've extended my stay out here since I moved to Atl years back!!! Have you ever been in a super great mood but have someone tell u something like "u dont look happy"? Don't u just want to just kick them in their throats??? lol. Isn't it amazing how most ppl find pleasure in "thinking" other ppl aren't happy? Does that make their miserable lives more enjoyable? Its so sad how you may be going on with your daily routine, and someone u don't think or care about is wasting all their energy HOPING you're not happy. People don't even worry about their own children as much as they worry about u! LOL. We sit back and laugh, we sit back coordinating the next big play, we sit back and say God is soooo Good!!!!! If everyone in this world worried about their OWN lives, and futures, this world would be a nicer place to live in. People will stay around for years pretending to be your friend...when they're gone, its like you feel this weight lifted. That's how you KNOW God removed them. Desperate people...poor you. Should never bite the hand that feeds you. They watch the kid like a hawk HUNTY! readin the barbz' blogs and all chile! LMAO. yes, watch the QUEEN conquer! Cuz GOD is REAL. When we look at where he's brought us

Ren & Stimpy came back from LA...needed them to handle smthn...smdh, u know they probably thought they was doin some big ol' mission...LOL...oh, why did Grizz say thank u for the shoutout the other day when I wrote a blog that said I was back on my "grizzly" I was like o-0...

yoooooo I hate ppl who it wrong if someone is snoring to hold their nose??? lmfaoooooooooooooo...and ladies if you snore, pls invest in some real medical attention, i can't imagine that being at ALL sexy to your future husbands! If your weight is making you snore, its time to go on that diet baybeh...that's some scary ass shit 4real. And men, if you snore, just know that you will be punched several times during the night while u sleep. nigga gon wake up feelin like he did a work out out or smthn...ima be like "oh what happened? you sore?" LOL. 

You guys will probably hear something new within a week and a half =). Im gonna go make myself some tea. The only thing I miss from home is my DVR stuff! But I DID catch Judge Judy late last night by chance...but yea...


The moral of the story is this: make sure your heart is clean and clear from anger, bitterness, envy, pride, deceit, and grudges. Learning who someone is doesn't mean you carry them with u...get rid of that dead weight baybeh. Let them hang onto those things while u prosper and plan your future and your family. God is always in control. So let them HOPE all they want for negative things in your life...they're diggin their own graves, THINKING someone else finna lay in it...but NO baybeh...that grave will be YOUR resting place. LOVE, LAUGH, FORGIVE, DON'T HATE...It ain't even cute. =p

*kisses my barbz, loves my barbz, hugs my barbz, holds my barbz, just looks at my barbz*

You guys have a blessed day. 

  1. TayHollyWood avatar

    On Sat, Jul 20, 2013 at 6:56 AM, TayHollyWood said:

    And Imma need for some of y'all to stop ass kissing. Okay that's your opinion, but all ppl with snoring problems are not fat. I am 5'7 125 boo boo. I just fucking snore. And my man ain't bothered by it, he's happy I snore, because sometimes I stop breathing in my sleep, and I jump up gasping for air. That snoring reassures him that I'm breathing. Some ppl can't just breathe through there nose. When I'm sleep, I don't get enough oxygen just breathing through my nose, I have to use my mouth and nose. That's why I snore. Geez louwees ppl

  2. TayHollyWood avatar

    On Sat, Jul 20, 2013 at 6:49 AM, TayHollyWood said:

    This is so true, I was friends wit bitches for 9 years, and the friend ship went down the drain once I realized they was hating. I had got a good job, and a new car. I was living my life, while they wanted to stay in the hood and drink and smoke all day everyday. I remember one time when happy feet 2 came out and we were suppose to take our kids. One of them said " naw don't say nothing, that money I can save for a drink" I walked away called my baby daddy and he dropped me and my daughter off at the movies. I couldn't believe that shit. This was before I had got my car. And even if my baby daddy couldn't take me and my daughter, our asses would have got on the bus and still went. Them bitches bleached my hoodies. And I wasn't even mad, told them hoes they was from aero and American eagle, caught them bitches on sale for 12-15 dollars. And I got my sis to throw some more bleach on them to make them look flyy. Im glad I'm up reading this, because I do hold grudges. And I'm feeling like letting go. Cause at one point i felt like if I see any of them bitches and I don't got my daughter, I'm straight poppin bitches. And that's another thing my babydaddy told me, " they was your friends for 9 years, they know how to press your buttons, don't givem the satisfaction." And that's why I let my success speak for it's self. I'm happy, house, car, job, school, healthy kid, wonderful man, and I finally going back to church like I should. So you right, I'm not gonna hold a grudge. And it was God getting them out my life, and making room for all the astonishing these he had lined up for me. But if I'm out, and they pop off, im masing bitches and getting the bat out the trunk. But I promise I won't start shit. Lol
    And I snore Nicki!!!!!! I can't help it, my mom got my tonsils removed when I was 15, that SHIT AIN'T WORK! lol but my man can deal with it. So. Lmao gn

  3. khaze shawty avatar

    On Wed, Jun 19, 2013 at 4:54 PM, khaze shawty said:

    lovely woman

  4. Teanna123 avatar

    On Wed, Jun 12, 2013 at 7:47 PM, Teanna123 said:

    I MEANT IT BROKE MY heart!!!!!

  5. Teanna123 avatar

    On Wed, Jun 12, 2013 at 7:35 PM, Teanna123 said:

    AMEN!!!! PLEASE make sure your heart is clean and clear from anger, bitterness, envy, pride, deceit, and grudges!!!!! I hate PEOPLE With A PASSION LIKE DAT!!!!!!! IT DOES'NT MAKE NO SINCE how LFE IS SOOOOOOOO Short AND PEOPLE STILL DECIDE TO ACT LIKE DAT!!!!!!! SMDh!!! AND ONE DAY When YOU STILL holding DAT grudge TOWARDS DAT PERSON AND DEY DIE DEN YOU Wish YOU COULD have Apologized!!!!!!! NAW, ITS TO LATE DEN!!!!!!! I KNOW FROM SOMEONE DOIN IT TOWARDS ME. :( IT BROKE MY EART. DIS PERSON hated ME SOOOOOO hard AND IT KILLED her SO Much DAT I WAS STILL NOT Bothering her, Being NICE AND Acting LIKE She DIDNT EVEN EXIST DAT She hAAAD TO START BACK BEIN NICE TO ME!!!!!! I KILLED her With KINDNESS!!!!!!! SO BARBZ IF YOU have ANY OF DAT IN YOUR heart TOWARDS SOMEONE OR IN general JUST PLLLEEEEEEEAAASE LET IT gOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! LIFE IS TOOO Short!!!!!!! YAAAAAAAS I JUST WANT TO hold PEOPLE NOSES OR PUT A Clothes PIN ON IT When DEY SNORE!!!!!!! PEOPLE Who have Snoring PROBLEMS IM Begging YOU TO PLLLLLLLLEEEEEEAAAAAAASSEE Either LOSE Weight IF YOU FAT, OR get MEDICAL ATTENTION AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!!!!!!! IM LETTIN YOU KNOW NOW IT IS SOOOOOO Annoying AND Irritating!!!!!!! gOOOOOOD LEE!!!!!! IT IS NOT SEXY OR CUTE TO SNORE!!!!!!!!! I DONT SNORE Thank god!!!!!!! AND I DONT SEE how NICKI LIKE STAYIN high UP!!!!!!! I COULD'NT DO IT!!!!!!! I have A heart ATTACK IF I STAY ON DA 3RD FLOOR!!!!!!! SMh BUT DATS Why NICKI IS MY INSPIRATION BECAUSE OF ALL DIS MOTIVATIONAL AND INSPIRATIONAL STUFF She SAY IN DESE Blogs!!!!!!! She Should BE MY Preacher!!!!!!! DAT WOULD BE SOOOO AWESOME AND DOPE!!!!!!! I JUST Thank YOU NICKI FOR BEIN A VERY POWERFUL Amazing INSPIRATION TO ME!!!!!!! YOU ARE A gift FROM god!!!!!!!! YOU ARE AN AMMMAAAAAAZINg PERSON!!!!!!!! DA BARBZ Thank YOU ALSO FOR STARTIN DESE Blogs!!!!!! IM SURE IT helps DEM OUT A LOT TOO!!!!!!! ALSO, Thank YOU FOR BEIN SOO DOWN TO Earth!!!!!! MOST CELEBRITYS WOULD'NT WRITE NO Blogs LIKE DIS EVERYDAY!!!!!!! NICK PLEASE DONT STOP DOIN DESE BLOS!!!!!!!! DEY MAKE ME FEEL SO good!!!!!!!!!! And this is why your my idol and my queen, you just speak such truth, its no wonder your one of the best song writers of this century when YOU ARE this deeep! She TELLS DA god KNOWS Truth!!!!!!!! DEY Brighten MY DAY AND give ME LIFE!!!!!!!! I LOOOVE how She TREATS US LIKE her Children!!!!!!! NICKI WE CAN TELL YOU LOVE YOUR BABIES SOOO Much!!!!!!!! This Is Life After Life... The Kid Has Done Me Good **kisses my Nic, loves my Nic, hugs my Nic, holds my Nic, just looks at my Nicki =)* ONCE Again Thank YOU!!!!!!!! TEAM MINAJ TILL DA Death OF ME!!!!!!!! YMCMB, TEAM MINAJ, AND NICKI MINAJ #1 STUNNAS BABY!!!!!!! CCYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEAAAAAAA!!!!!!! LOVE U NNNNNNNIIIIIIIIIIICCCCCCCCKKKKKKKIIIIIIII!!!!!!! MMMMMMMMUUUUUUUUAAAAAAA!!!!!!!

  6. PinkslamRose avatar

    On Wed, Jun 12, 2013 at 11:43 AM, PinkslamRose said:

    I can relate to you so much Nicki ! People definitely shouldn't find pleasure in seeing other people unhappy ! That's so stupid. I mean, when I see other people smiling it brings me joy and I smile back - even if I don't know them - because happiness is hard to find and everyone deserves at least a splash of it in their lives.

    It's so true about those friend pretenders too ! I always tell my lil sisters that true friends are the ones that stick around during the hard times, not the ones that suddenly re-appear when you are winning ! We all found that out when my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer a couple of years ago !! The frienemies are the ones that distance themselves from you when you thought they would support you :(

    I dislike people who snore too ! There are so many solutions to fix the problem so why not find one and save your special someone from endless sleepless nights ??? I do feel sorry for those peeps who snore and don't know it though, hopefully someone will be kind enough to let them know about it sooner or later.

    Love you Nic, you will forever and always be an inspiration of mine and I will forever and always continue to support you.

    Peace and Love, Rosie xoxo

  7. NAY__NAY! avatar

    On Wed, Jun 12, 2013 at 5:24 AM, NAY__NAY! said:


  8. GODfirst7 avatar

    On Wed, Jun 12, 2013 at 2:50 AM, GODfirst7 said:

    damn loved this also.....
    a side note to that is there are times you will/want to remove a person but the tim is just not right or you just don't do it and then it's done for you

  9. College_Barb avatar

    On Tue, Jun 11, 2013 at 2:13 AM, College_Barb said:

    This really just spoke to me! I love you Nika!

  10. Shida's Lane avatar

    On Mon, Jun 10, 2013 at 1:49 PM, Shida's Lane said:

    I feel like I was just caught up on everything in her life right now from this blog like I was there with her while she was writing it or something lol....but it was so inspirational and funny! I love Nicki she is such a great person!! Everything that she said about other people is the absolute truth, some people just don't want to see you happy and make it living your life smh...But anywho I love Nicki and especially seeing her happy and enjoying herself she's such a sweet and kind-hearted person!! Love you Nic!

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