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Nicki Minaj earns 70th Hot 100 hit with "Black...

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Nicki Minaj scores her 70th Hot 100 hit with "Black Barbies" making a #65 debut on the chart this week. The song's Hot 100 entry means that Minaj now trails only Aretha Franklin (73 entries) for the most Hot 100 visits among women. 

Women With the Most Hot 100 Hits (via Billboard)

73, Aretha Franklin
70, Nicki Minaj
69, Taylor Swift
57, Madonna
57, Rihanna

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    You're so cute as always Nicki me love ya so much mmuahh!!

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    Nicki I want to see you like that in a porn movie

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    Nicki I want to see you like that in a porn movie

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    Nicki I want to see you like that in a porn movie

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