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OUT NOW: Barbie Tingz + Chun-Li

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Two new tracks from Nicki available now: 

Stream/download Chun-Li here

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    On Fri, Apr 20, 2018 at 3:09 AM, King David said:

    They ate from the fruit, even me, but I lived through my struggles.
    You date it, while the warrior queen sends condolences.
    Take another snapshot for it, you'll see it later!
    The native faith had it, now foreign nations know!
    Don't discuss it, no one cares!
    The temperature dropped it's mist, now there's black rain.
    My song is in transit, so what's your motive?
    All night, they made it, while we slept.
    Don't change it, I'm still motivated by the things I get!
    I just don't speed through it, I cruise.
    Lil mommie said it, so what's your take?
    Getting filthy with it, but what's good?

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    On Fri, Apr 20, 2018 at 3:08 AM, King David said:

    My Blue Friday: The Lottery

    Let's make this clear
    Water like fluid
    Washing dishes as the drain collects
    Sincere ocean blueish
    Saint Claire
    Made up set
    Barbie skin fair
    Do I need to mention the brown texture
    All black suits
    Long hair
    Long stare
    Motion the Doctor
    Rap needs a presciption
    No fee Healthcare
    Do I need to mention the Professor's lecture
    All conceited students
    No pressure
    Until the night falls
    No one to console
    Black on black
    Interior leather
    Curtain closed
    And still have the gaul
    Rap Goddess
    The Real Minaj
    Say my name
    Written on the wall
    Destiny's Religion
    No deposit
    Children misguided
    No occupation
    Cold nights
    Bed sheets left alone
    As the driven snow
    I will not lie
    Do I need to mention the prints of pink shades of gray
    Grey's Anatomy
    Duncan's Ritual
    Hip Hop is on the brink of cemetary climates
    No skeletons in the closet
    Wet behind the ears
    Torn jeans and fur jackets
    Jack rabbit
    Roger that
    Electric City Keys
    Deliquent in the monthly bills
    West Banks to Clint Eastwoods
    The trill is gone
    A call for a new defense
    Press Play
    Round a way trini dem girl with a lollipop
    South Paw no sucker
    Pills N Potions
    Bed of Lies
    King David; Grand Piano
    Big Daddy
    Shanghai to Win Again
    Truffle Butter
    Down in the DM
    Bucks Slow
    Am I impressed in the direction you're going in?
    Money makes the world go round?
    That's two strikes against me
    Now in position to be another statistic
    Last relationship
    I lied
    All Things Go
    Do I need to turn the ignition?
    Do I think I could live without this?
    Do I need to mention?

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    On Fri, Apr 20, 2018 at 3:05 AM, King David said:


    Group pose is missing from my album
    Forget tossed salad and bourbon salmon
    I got yours under the umbrella during the shower
    Group pose
    Group pose
    Group pose

    #Propel when it rains
    #Jockey endorsements when in vain
    #Monster details on the back of ankle from 10 speed #Schwinn
    If the spelling right
    I was about ten

    Overrated blood pressure to relaxed
    Jungle juice in the summer
    Washing my clothes about $2.75 with some #Ajax
    #Downy sheets brings my dried clothes to #50Cent in Queens minus #Heat
    On the #Mounds like #Meek
    Late nights stage frights
    Midnights' #Creep with #TLC

    Backseat of my #Jeep sipping #Lemonade bumping #SouthPaw
    Jr #DLB
    Champion #LRG
    Parody plus
    Playing #16Candles in the #DVD
    #AI known once
    Out for lunch @Church's
    Mild curry on St. James
    4 hour drive
    Imperial Boule'

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    On Fri, Apr 20, 2018 at 3:04 AM, King David said:


    Take a cruise with me
    No conditioner
    Fresh air
    Windows down
    Blank stare
    Weather me not
    With love in the sound
    Tides roll in
    On the beach
    Not one care
    Take a cruise with me

    First no comment/
    Do you like the massage/
    Both compare/
    After full course/
    Skin bare/
    Feel the chill in the air/
    Myx in the bucket/
    Fresh Prince of Belair/

    Take trips/
    Even if my cash flow dim/
    Still a ball/
    Above the Rim/
    Mother and son/
    Take a rib/
    You take a lung/
    Candle lit/
    Scuba dive in the tub/

    Romance exclusive/
    Between two bed sheets/
    No music/
    In the heat of the night/
    The game is 9 ball with one cue stick/
    If you mind/
    Say yes/
    We'll figure out the rest/
    Love life and treat yourself/
    My Key/
    Love in melody...

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    On Fri, Apr 20, 2018 at 3:02 AM, King David said:


    Please us/
    Empty but full sized trash cans/
    Desert sands to grasslands/
    Sweat dripping from my pores and glands/
    Jet soaring over surveillance/
    Jumpsuit camouflage tan/
    Overseas many men plucked like tweezers/
    Exxon Diesel/
    Drive slow/
    Cutlass Regal/
    Accurately shoot straight through the eye of the needle/

    Find the key hole/
    Ring Barron/
    Gucci hair loom/
    The ceremony starts after the first dance/
    Where cash is carded at the table/
    Cowboy hat and boots at the saloon/
    Salon visits/
    Filled with hairstyle critics/
    Hot air balloons/
    Graced with jungle fever/
    Tom chases Jerry/
    Question marks on the mind/
    Still at home all alone/
    First to partake in a meal to find out who's clever/
    From bumps and bruises to feeling a lot better/

    Bedroom set with dresser/
    Home maker/
    Not for playing games/
    Maybe a little later/
    Wake to appliance/
    Black and Decker/
    Jock is the emblem on the sweater/
    So be your own judge when guessing the temperature or weather/
    Look outside/
    Jump ship is called suicide/
    Parachute dreams like deer in high beams/
    Duck Down boys/
    Captain Nemoy/

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    On Fri, Apr 20, 2018 at 3:01 AM, King David said:

    Chain gang, chain gang
    Tempted by fame,
    Wanting change,
    Off the same game,
    One in the same
    Chain gang, chain gang
    Fallen without notice
    Like a Bad News Bear
    White britches with grass stain.
    Chain gang, chain gang.
    Woe is me.
    Woe is me.

    Massive impacts trusts smoke and ashes,
    Where broken english makes for mathematical classes.
    I render what is best in deed for medicated mishapses.
    Glances from a jewel,
    Optimus like sharks and bystanders; blood pool,
    Precious and often complicated to this modern day fool,
    Grevious to blink when wide open like camel through the eye of the needle; thread on spool

    On my Cool J cookie,
    Full house is the hand on the lap of a bookie.
    Never forsook thee,
    In the lap of luxury,
    Fax machine and pregnant belly,
    SD card in celly,
    Wondering what the next marketer will tell me,
    Making my way to the nearest deli.
    Ask the question,
    Can you tell me?

    So compelling to the naked eye,
    I could do for a sandwich right now,
    Toasted with peanut butter and jelly.
    Needed but undermanned,
    What I cram to understand.
    Soul singing my favorite slow jam.
    The hunger overcomes me like Rowdy Rowdy Piper playing Paperboy watching Spider-Man.
    Enduring the struggle like Thomas,
    I think I can,
    I think I can.

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    On Fri, Apr 20, 2018 at 3:00 AM, King David said:

    The world we live in today appears to be growing increasingly more darker morally as the years pass.
    Everyone appears to be looking for solutions to the many problems of the world in many places, whether
    it's from the government, self-help classes and books, professional therapists, and the list goes on.
    However, our ancestors knew where to look to find the answers. They turned their eyes to the one who
    had all the the answers then and who still has the answers now. His name is Jesus.

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    On Fri, Apr 20, 2018 at 2:57 AM, King David said:

    1 Corinthians 7:17
    Only let each person lead the life
    that the Lord has assigned to him,
    and to which God has called him.
    This is my rule in n all the churches.

    Signs and Wonders

    It came to me in a dream.
    They were thoughts
    and sensation while asleep.
    The ideas of opinion came suddenly
    to my mind. My consciousness came
    back to me. Surprised with the Awakening,
    I am catapulted with a rush of energy.
    The potential of becoming center
    is now willed. This can't be measured
    by words or work. I am this standard
    unit that now can calculate, compute,
    count, meter, quantify, weigh, size,
    evaluate, assess, gauge, plumb, and
    determine what is revealed through
    me by signs and wonders.



    #IYDK: Resident

    If you have been ordained with
    the power to persuade an audience
    or crowd, thus is considered sincerely
    to be pastor, with or without the vast
    amount of degrees in endeavours of
    pursuit, solidifying your character
    to do so. The header remains, and is
    considered respectively; a Shepherd,
    a Priest, a king or queen, in
    acknowledgement of whence one came,
    a Christ, knowing the penalties of
    life and death. God has never withheld
    or forsaken men; the speech, the word
    from women, the thoughts of man,
    the slumber of children. As the LORD
    breaks bread with you from the trunk,
    in the shedding of blood; the sap,
    shared with you through jobs of nature,
    and what it has to offer, with pages
    of Communion; the evolution of a seed
    into a tree. In spirit, God has spoken.
    Selah. Amen.


    Judge not or be condemned by the same.
    Often the rise to fame is so lame.
    When only the efforts are completely
    justified from whence you came.
    Many buy in but never own.
    Laying waste to what is rented
    While space is given for change disowned.
    Few are chosen to do such
    To bare witness to rekindle this flame.
    Burning slow as the oil in my lamp
    Soaking the wick
    Painting the picture to place in a frame.
    Showing the aspects to a fantasy
    That we all truly will never proclaim.
    Is this all that we have to give?
    Will society ever awake from this
    false meaning as this is how we should be?
    I restrain.
    While the paint dries
    Restricted and left outside to hang.
    I need closure.
    We are just adding more links to the chain.

    The Ant Farm: Application Download

    Movie credit's a...
    Lifetime Reserves
    The buyer like CD
    Less thoughts of a Rounders DVD
    Of a king
    10 virgins
    Bridegroom to a wedding which is
    certain. Crossroad:
    Name and relationship;
    5 wise,
    5 foolish,
    All carrying oil to keep up.
    My yin,
    My yang,
    A summer and winter solstice.
    Generally speaking, but often
    spoken for. Some have talents,
    Applied by that to compliment.
    Innerly driven,
    Red and Blu-ray,
    Disciplinary and can't stay up.
    Hot and cold,
    The feast after,
    A case of judgmental arraignment.
    The bee's honey captures the prey.
    The bulbing flowers spread their
    wings at... The height of day.
    CT an organ mood,
    X-RAY a skeletal groove,
    Vision of rest is mentioned.
    A star and crescent moon,
    Ultrasound made is the secret to
    every... Heart's desire.
    The stem shoots.
    The night swoops.
    The stars reveal conceptions
    of the nesting... Dew.
    The characters that are seen
    gives insight, On why the caged
    bird sings.
    The tape is VHS.
    The noise is Beta.
    This script is Theta.
    The scene is Rome.
    The Vatican is primary.
    The Americas in hue is secondary.
    The medicine is the combination.
    The forward flashes back a full
    The key is in the ignition.
    The mud is collected to restore
    a foundation. The powder was
    confiscated because of John's
    The caution of a cone reads:
    slippery when... Wet.
    Credit's the Federal,
    Surgeon General,
    Unidentified woman,
    Warnings of a No Fly Zone:
    North, East, West, South
    A veterans affair
    Area 51.
    Catch 22.

    Selah: Beginning of Thoughts

    The play begins with a pause.
    Relatable by all means,
    I take my seat. I take the
    first request as if it were
    the last. At ease, the comfort
    of a back position I confront.
    The sight of trees wailing as
    the wind takes like the veins
    in leaves. Tempered by the air,
    branches and limbs swaying in
    the direction of question, during
    the evening of the day. A trip of
    destination seems like the right
    moment of delay. Representative
    of time, the hour of minutes remains
    to be comprehensive to the second
    of dismay. The knock in gesture
    relieves the repetitive of motions
    to get the attention. Only keys of
    tissue can amount to timelessness.
    Pumping the very spirit which works
    oracle's of sage and grass. Blades
    go crushed, meshed and mistaken by
    the looseness of lips on instruments
    of words, countless by the numbness
    of poison. The tap is driven in.
    On land or at sea, the likeness
    looks on. In the light of knowing,
    all will become guests. The legs fold.
    The beauty of life is deaf to the ear,
    writing the chapter untold.
    The children stumble. The adult
    consider a mouthful. The diplomacy
    scatters. The judged is unbearable.
    The lesson in now taught, while all
    in concert. Uncharted degrees are
    treasures of the one that sits in
    addition. The throne of council
    wears the robe of many colors.
    No family could explain this matter
    of amount. What equals mass times
    the vine of present for a future?
    This is the quiz. The noise of
    rushing waves evade at a moment's
    notice. The test is given in to
    rest from intimate journeys.
    The boat docks. The bow is vacant.
    The sails are torn by the turn of
    a century. The weather of freedom dies.
    The skies open. The find of dream
    escapes to a reality that never
    seems to begin. The blood has not
    yet churned. Ignorance of the ledge
    gives crust to the enchanted fillings.
    Textures of taste dries up as brittle
    enamel of bone. I drop the pale to
    pitch tent. The water is the likeness
    to all in creation from the start.
    Then, and only then is the making
    of a classic of you in heart.
    Merry Christmas!

    3 Kings came presenting gifts;
    gold, frankenscence, and myrrh.
    The law came to warn of the
    consequences of clothes, money,
    and food.


    How do I?
    Draw blood
    First I must learn.
    Draw what's on my mind
    Take a picture
    Have a conversation
    Looking at reminders
    Take a drink
    Travel the world
    Take a sip
    Do the same with edibles
    Light a candle
    Write a note
    Play a note
    Sign my name
    Get a phone
    Get a home
    Get a car
    Get insurance
    Go to the hospital
    Tell no lies
    Get released
    Jury duty
    Go to work
    Only to find out
    I have a bill to pay
    I ask for more blood
    My hair grows
    How do I still remain sane
    The color is green
    Red and yellow
    The television
    Defines all with Intel
    Key entry
    Don't bite your nails
    Do tell
    I'm at a loss for words
    I intend still
    To say
    Now, how do I?
    And still learning
    Following the trail.

    The man went unpunished and
    had a daughter.
    The woman went unpunished
    and had a son.

    Mother, daughter, and company
    business is the logos of

    Father, son, and holy spirit
    in logos is the direction.


    Mind you, that it is lawful
    to be angry when in competition.
    But my petition is slow when
    given into grace, having none.

    Census: The Skin I'm In

    The richer
    The darker
    The middle
    The demo
    The lighter
    The poor
    All for the Republic
    All are used, taxed, and governed
    But knowing how to press
    To excrete
    Will determine how advanced
    The rich needs to work on
    community again.
    The Demo needs to solve the
    debt again.
    The poor needs a push in the
    right direction Again.
    All are one.
    All united
    Let's get it done!

    Mortar Mixer

    Wealth and prosperity
    Not worried
    Steak and cheese on whole wheat
    Health and ability
    Top story
    Lake and breeze on front row seats
    Romancing the stone
    Jewel of Nile
    Jumpman leaps
    Money pile
    Sand pile
    A couple of yards
    Loops around the world
    Flying high
    Charter fleets
    No socks
    No shoes
    Sands of time
    Take an hour and a glass
    Crown facets
    From head to feet
    Genuine mathematics
    From the ground up
    Mud bath
    A full casting
    Silly habits
    Crash course delivery
    Reading railroad
    Stash door company
    Meaningful billfold
    Mash more
    Get well soon
    Bitter and sweet
    Mashed potatoes
    Mixed gravy
    Supplies a fixed ratio
    A mountain high
    No valleys in my playdough
    To the center of the earth
    Stack my blocks
    Then bricks first
    The crust protrudes
    Better with no makeup
    Made man
    Another facial
    Air, water, and metal
    Combination to the safe
    Escape the famine
    Seven thin cattle
    Seven thick
    One group
    Barley and wheat
    A harvest
    Devouring the week
    No days off
    Never shallow
    Sea deep
    Ocean Seven
    Crucial Conflict
    Nine eleven
    Can't get away
    Message from the Reverend
    Reverently strong
    A mile long
    Like a fine tooth comb
    Billionaire bad boy
    All black Scion
    Mad lion
    Scared sheep
    Tripod and laser
    I'm sight on
    At the break of dawn
    Breaking ground
    Between light and dark
    Brown liaison
    Guilty by affiliation.

    Whether standard or military
    hours, you will be judged at 8,
    and sentenced at 20, everyday
    while alive.


    Nothing could seem so far fetched
    From the truth
    Best of friends from the root
    No wonder
    No wisdom tooth
    Cocker Spaniel and Blue Jay
    Chase the rabbit
    On Any Given Sunday
    Drop the habit
    Running back relay
    Tunnel vision acrobat
    Jësûs Monét
    Straight away
    Ahead of
    Instead of
    Closed by stable
    Clothed and able
    Full length table
    Wine skin
    Television Cable
    Monthly cycles all known behaviors
    Of years past
    Open the door
    Open your present
    Know thyself first
    Everything you bare
    You can handle
    Drive down the road
    And slowly the wax melts
    And no longer a candle
    But a mold
    Left to decipher the meaning
    Until life
    The story unfolds
    Memories never last
    Empty stash filled with
    Empty trash off your Mac or PC
    Forever and no worries
    Everlasting and more exciting
    Not boring
    The dream is to set
    Unlimited touring
    Let me turn a minute
    Awakened by the break in the morning
    Stillwater actor
    Stage center
    Stage right and still resting
    Brain cells
    Thunder and lightning
    A page header
    And sleep writing
    Future plans to escape
    Pressed for time like vine for grapes
    The falling of the leaves
    From trees to landscapes
    With thoughts to secure
    My desire
    A profession
    By my own terms
    Or not at all
    In the beginning
    Her destiny of simile
    Of him who creates
    Reaching each and every
    Broken down for every step
    Easy like breakfast
    On how and why dreams
    Become real
    All of a Coined Continental
    Maps the World Atlas
    An evening meal.


    SoundCloud hovers
    Lethal weapons
    Mel Gibson and Danny Glover's
    Passions of fury
    Just enough for the money
    City rides for you
    Just enough for the country
    One size bigger
    Woman in the shoe
    One babysitter
    Puss in the boot
    A footnote of a booklet
    A precept with a full of budget
    A four clover for luck
    A dash of salt
    A swig of cooking wine
    A loaf of bread
    A four tier wedding cake
    Skinny dipping in the lake
    How often do we make time to relate?
    Enough time to cut the fabric,
    Stitch the lace
    Another trial and jury
    Enough evidence to beat the case
    Music to my ears
    Sounds like treble and bass
    That ole time blues
    The piano plays
    On a scale of 1-10
    Where do you rate
    The same place where we begin
    At the drawing boards
    Boardroom meetings
    Baby baptized
    Son just christened
    Draw the attention
    For no reason
    Knowledge of the seasons
    Change like the leaves on the tree
    Amends made me an apron
    Suite for the making
    Filled with melanin
    Brass and woodwind
    Breath blown into thick skin.
    Star of David

    Quote Me Twice

    Twice the phone rings
    A marriage
    Twice I lose comprehension
    Out of range
    Twice removed
    And never the same
    Twice the setting
    Same year
    Twice the restoration
    Close and near
    Twice the motivation
    Of a competitive peer
    Twice the clothes in recycle
    Over satin and sheer
    Twice the recital
    Let me whisper in your ear
    Twice the angel Michael
    Emmanuel in whom is dear
    Twice the dream
    Jacob’s Ladder
    Twice the team
    Home and Away
    Twice the friction to every follicle
    Tumble dry
    Twice the charge
    Black and White
    Double extra large
    If these clothes didn't fit
    Twice the epilogue
    Born Fly
    Twice I turn the knob
    I enter
    Twice a new leaf
    Gravity gives me center
    Twice every year
    Summer and Winter
    Twice I get a new lease on life
    Fabric and ruler
    Twice the life
    The day I befriended her
    Twice the death
    Twice the breath
    Stand up singer
    Twice at the potters wheel
    Twice the wealth
    Twice from day to night
    Twice the Adam on the Eve
    Twice to get it right
    And all is well.
    Emerged and born twice.
    With every step
    And ever closer
    If language was perfect
    Every sentence would begin and end with
    One and the same letter.

    I stand boldly with humility.
    Drought has overcome my finances
    without the ability to fund the
    feeding of my household and those
    who are affected via charitable donations.
    It's been 7 years since I have seen
    full employment due to my health,
    but my faith continues to grow strong.


    Every graduate shall eventually be
    tried and proven by his or her own
    invention, valuable to the economy
    of the body.

    The Water Runs Deep

    1:1 Where bricks were built
    Busting down another day
    Snoozing the alarm
    Ceremonies with a quilt
    1:2 Sewing stitches in my heirloom
    Brigade a mile long
    Recite the same Rhymes
    No radio play
    1:3 Same song
    All eyes on me
    Wash my face
    Night dream
    1:4 Blockbuster film
    Congregate sheep
    Sacrificial lamb
    Pacific, central, to the east
    We keep time

    2:1 Sports rally
    Real Estate press
    The Brook is in the valley
    Which is never a safe place to rest
    Wolves in sheep clothes
    2:2 Pull out table
    Everybody come with a plate
    But always stop to save grace
    Much doubt at the Jordan
    One foot inland
    2:3 Two feet cordial
    Reverse portal
    Proceed you silly mortal
    What a Lakeview

    3:1 River kiddie puddle
    Escape pharaoh
    A Priest's cradle
    3:2 Faith narrow
    A complete manual
    Marine naval
    3:3 Glasshouse facials
    When it hits the fan
    Food stamp tickets
    Enough to fill stands
    3:4 Immaculate wifi
    In high demand
    Wouldn't be a beach
    Without shells and sand
    Water in each bucket
    3:5 Hand over fist
    Knockout delivery
    Sign of the fish
    All people alike
    Must begin to finish

    4:1 Weather the climate
    Plus minus
    Your word is your bond
    Money minded
    4:2 Reminded by money
    Cold showers
    Stillwater falls this work of art
    Mosaic laws
    4:3 Before you begin this
    Part G
    4:4 Foundation from the tooth and nail
    4:5 One strike
    4:6 Two strikes
    4:7 Three

    The Full Course To Be Thankful

    G: The mind holds volumes of gravity.
    The body does the same.
    1: The blood pushes and pulls moving
    volumes. The cells strengthens the veins.
    2: The touch is so sensitive to emotions.
    The function is so vital. The pulse does
    the same. 3: The pressure flushes out
    4: The muscle before the system
    acquires rest, but the heart goes
    without change.
    5: The word gets pronounced.
    6: The organs, you can count.
    7: It's just the hearing that adjusts,
    to all the traffic, on any given day.
    8: Which bring me to first sight,
    and all that and more. I proclaim
    this very day. Knowing this as a
    fund of trust, will place you
    between time and space.
    9: I know, because, the time it
    took to prepare this meal, the buds
    needs it's feel for just one more taste.
    10: Happy Thanksgiving!

    The Void: After All Is Said

    The void is the complacency of a
    desert in cycle of needing and
    wanting what has come from an
    empty plot of ideas one would
    dream of. Now that thoughts have
    come to fruition, the time is revealed
    as a reflection, knowing where you
    have come. The conversation of
    relating relevance becomes stagnated
    with travels that another has yet
    to see. The conquered has become
    the first of consequence of the last,
    finally present with what you have,
    benevolent of what always has been.
    The comfort of a lone wolf is the
    pack in which one hunts and feeds
    with, peradventure. The pace in which
    all that is hoped for, now visible,
    is accomplished. It is more fulfilling
    when you can share, teach, and watch
    how the path of your youth blooms
    into the magnificence of growth,
    showing maturity and strength to
    still remain relevant as a cactus
    or a tumble weed. The extreme,
    being maintained is the coursed
    psychology, which one has to accept
    and appreciate. When the ice finally
    melts, so does the statistics of
    grouping, when the pit of the eye
    receives the light, as the heavens
    open up, and your perception begins
    to stream.

    What is your motivation? Is it yours,
    or someone else's?

    Live life purposeful and abundantly!

    Tailor Made

    As the sun rises today and forevermore
    in thy favor, allow the powers that be
    protect you with a tailor made fit that
    governs thy personality with grace and
    purpose. Give thyself all the work of
    thy hands room to capitalize on
    the tools
    to formulate the plan for
    tomorrow's gain
    and yesterday's unfinished portion.
    I pray
    that thy vision gets better with
    each eye
    opening perception to know more
    with the
    becoming wisdom of understanding.
    May your
    travels, whether spiritual or out of
    convenience, be in the protection of
    the mother and father, whom birthed
    with a name that surpasses all
    understanding of the known world.
    With this blueprint that was given
    you by thy God, just remember that
    best is yet to come. May all thy
    and we'll wishes become real as
    fall in agreement. The LORD knows
    thy every
    concern, being in the right
    place, at
    the right time, thy sincere
    will be administered. Give us the
    patience and reliable strength to
    govern ourselves accordingly.

    I wake up everyday: it's Sunday!

    Some slay with guns and knives,
    but we had swords, swarming over
    vocal chords, waiting for that
    day to shine.

    Some get out. Some stay in. Then,
    they just go back in to play again.

    Today is today, where it all starts:
    Just play your part, and I'll play
    mine; where it all starts.

    14th Amendment

    If time never went back, we all
    would experience like birthdays
    in the course of a lifetime,
    separated only by names and numbers

    Design your destiny with the care
    and reluctant measure of your hearts
    desire with impressions that exemplifies
    truth, happiness, and charitable work.

    A black hole is as a stomach which every
    dimension has enabled by force and gravity,
    the brain's mouthpiece; in one ear,
    and out the other.

    Brought to the opening of new
    opportunities, planted by the Father,
    justifies the integrity of born fruit
    for the poverished and learned.

    Until the earth and the heavens disappear,
    neither a period nor a comma will disappear
    from Moses Teachings before everything
    has come true.


    Priests don't think alike, they just
    carry the same first name.

    The "Stand Still" is your tool to
    uniform the future.


    A germ that takes an imperfection and
    makes, what is known to man, perfect.

    The brain is one thought away from
    finding no way out to the other side
    without the use of pressure, but for
    sure there's a precursor?!

    My valley is a quarry; the rest lay
    cut by his own kind, finding
    through the struggles of time,
    where the free must die to exist.









    They nearly pulled him
    From his game
    Just like that
    Pass deflected
    His good thing stunk
    Pass the bar
    Missed the whole season
    First in a career
    It was viewed
    Unbelievable in his fancy terms
    Not the same guy
    “I changed up a few things”
    Cause for injury
    For the time being
    And still changed our minds
    And not coming back
    But moving forward
    In communication
    These are some types of things
    Champion of protection
    Woman in reflection
    Continuing to be technology provider
    And vegan
    In weining
    “Most believe in you”
    While eating candy is not the answer
    Heart disease
    Sign of Cancer
    There's an attack coming
    Film audible coverage
    Let's do it
    Midnight pamper
    Giving pockets to millions
    Without lack
    And still meme for fill in’s
    This is Bible
    The forecast of all that was,
    and will be
    We are Kingdom building
    Y2K architectural engineering
    And all that's trending
    Save it for the bedroom
    And still depending
    Classified by root
    Song you render
    Complexion all ginger
    And still competitions’ contender
    Selah. Amen.

    Brother's Keeper

    Sister to brother
    Case dismissed
    Mother to son
    Found not guilty
    Made up condolences
    That it had to come to this
    Delayed for misconduct
    Allegedly judged
    Innocent without cause
    Suspicion to commit plaintiff
    Like carving corn off the cob
    Don't need the money more than
    To substitute 2 weeks
    Peddling files
    The jury agrees
    Guilty of criminal intent
    I think not
    Save psychological inclusion
    If you're honest to God
    This is a lesson taught
    May you find closure
    You are free to go
    With judge, trial, and jury
    Being favorable and fought
    And still
    All in all
    This is another road block
    The detour is up ahead
    Sometimes warnings
    Come at the most surprising moments
    When outside looking in
    Woven into clothes
    To identify strains of hair
    Left to comprehend
    To subject the cons from language
    of pros
    To a family that cares
    You have my prayers
    AND then you arose

    Selah. Amen.


    If you have been ordained with
    the power to persuade an audience
    or crowd, thus is considered sincerely
    to be pastor, with or without the
    vast amount of degrees in endeavours
    of pursuit, solidifying your character
    to do so.
    The header remains, and is considered
    respectively; a Shepherd, a Priest,
    a king or queen, in acknowledgement
    of whence one came, a Christ, knowing
    the penalties of life and death. God
    has never withheld or forsaken men;
    the speech, the word from women,
    the thoughts of man, the slumber
    of children.
    As the LORD breaks bread with you
    from the trunk, in the shedding of
    blood; the sap, shared with you through
    jobs of nature, and what it has to offer,
    with pages of Communion; the evolution
    of a seed into a tree. In spirit,
    God has spoken.
    Selah. Amen.


    The keys to masonry is the Apprentice.
    Not only does he listen, but teaches
    indirectly the truths of labor with
    the experience of misguidance.


    The true definition of woman: Egyptian
    So when the people(men) left Egypt,
    they left their women.


    Each feature is a degree.


    For all names where given to him,
    save the Kings of the land.

    The Catcher’s Mitt

    The stars align
    The lambswool is shown as a sign
    Through the fall of a wet morning
    Running my path of an obstacle
    Thank you sir
    Shots fired out of range
    The test is complete
    The downing of a spy plane
    Pieces to a puzzle
    I wait confidently
    The pictures on the wall traces my
    every footstep
    Grades don't make the man
    It makes the teacher
    The case is still unsolved
    A created subject
    The sketch
    The drawing
    Why the urgency?
    Not to deviate off the path
    A fine town to be placed in
    I know the rules
    No exceptions
    The mouthpiece of a known assailant
    I'll just leave it in the office
    The caged bird sings
    Stay clear of the glass
    I'll be watching
    The interior is brick as stone
    The badge is closer than you think
    A student still in training
    The ropes a slippier than it seems
    The graduate finds out later
    The memory is taken form
    On the move like a fine tooth comb
    The skin chills
    The body falls ill
    I sit in advance of about a quarter
    of a mill
    The doctor sees a lot flying back
    About 10 years in the making
    A cent
    Crossing forever questioning the
    possible Target with your hands
    behind your back
    The bookmark goes in
    The crying on the pages begin to
    sink in
    The yourself reference is where
    you should Now begin
    A huge concern
    Excellent by the labor of unclean hands
    The next to come is what's now trending
    I'm sure to let you know
    If not the book is now ending
    The chapter has come to a close
    And the final hem is sewn in
    Bone and bone in
    The rest is for the marriage of thoughts
    The hindsight of grown men
    The therapy has gotten you nowhere
    And still he likes you
    The scenario remains
    And still is
    Knowing still one day
    You will always be his.

    20/17: Vision

    (Running) for the door
    /The Plug
    (Mathematics) from the floor
    (Take Me There)
    In due time
    /The King & I
    (He's On Time) for everything
    (You Nia’z) don't know me
    /Which Way Iz West
    (Famous) from the thump
    /Jungle Rules
    (Dreams) 20/17: visions
    /Crook County
    (Pull A Caper)
    8 × 11½ construction paper
    (Never Played Me) on your leasure
    /Seven Days
    (Down for Mine) and never made one sound
    /Last Call
    (Table) full deck
    Gamble your check
    The thunder strikes°
    With all lights on°
    Full charge with sound bytes°
    No garage sale°
    [4 + 2 × 3°]
    Where will you end up?
    Only time will tell°
    |Degree is the mascot|
    ©Delinquent tuitions in the mail
    ®Oh, well!

    No Sólo Uno

    These are the good times
    James Evans
    Supreme dream No. 2 lip gloss
    Jet and Ebony
    Barely Diana Ross
    Reminiscent of the times
    Gospel music
    A wretch
    Battle worn and tested
    We respect
    First come
    First serve
    ER patient
    You can choose your own doctor
    Decision guide
    50 50 50 sale
    Lose sight
    You fail
    Fall asleep
    Drug game
    Highly saturated
    No honor
    Dirt cheap
    Boston Marathon
    Blue Streak
    Highly praised
    Patriot Jeep
    Final appraisal
    That pillow guy
    My soul to keep
    You're sleeping better
    Flat feet
    Dancing on the wall
    All night long
    Liberals and mainstream media
    Silencer on a snub-nosed
    Which comes on a cone
    A daring prison break
    Drop Zone

    1st 7

    Say, “Word”
    We ain't gettin no younger
    21 and under
    Tablespoon gripping this cable
    We only a few
    Getting to this baby formula
    Iron and vitamin D
    Periodic table
    One sip down
    Two down
    Violate three
    No verdict
    No plea
    Into the night
    Lay to rest
    Put the beauty to sleep
    Find that girl
    Boy, girl, boy, girl
    Small world
    Find that human nature
    To find a necklace
    Made from chocolate pearls
    The heart begins to beat
    Forget about taking a seat
    The hand drops seeds
    Rooted from the second
    Rotten to the core
    Times square
    Empty lot
    Bird's nest off the branches
    Pine to sycamores
    Magnolia tree
    Transit fare
    Disney World
    Bud told you
    With his hands fold
    Let the truth unfold
    Meet the Browns
    Barnes and Noble
    Rudy Huxtable
    But, all I get is dial tone?
    Please, call back!
    The intro begins
    Wanting to be more from a bill
    Outer space
    You'll see
    No monkey
    No deal
    No fruit
    No banana peel
    Constellation shine like a bright star
    Coming out of class
    No color code
    Converse and still on your radar
    Shooting game at the bar
    Mitch, “That will be firm, Mcdeere”
    Never subpar
    Tom Cruise
    1 Billion to elected senator
    Pros and cons
    Assets to liabilities
    1st quarter
    Land on Michael
    Highway to Heaven
    1st 7

    Pitch A Tent

    US standards
    Let's make a movie
    Instagram pictures Netflix
    It's been three days
    I believe you
    Peaky blinders
    The making of a mirror
    Runner down old printing press
    First date to see your favorite band
    Weren't close at all
    But I still love you
    Sister's sister
    She's so sweet
    From the moon and back
    After six
    You're still early
    Screen shot
    City view
    It's a wonderful Life
    Tom and Jerry
    Holding all your calls
    At the barbershop
    Skip to my Lou
    You are the Maestro
    Meet the man behind the crack
    We were so close
    So controlling
    I don't like her
    Getting married in May
    At the house in the back yard
    Guns blazing
    Noon and Night
    It's Christmas
    It's so gorgeous here
    We'll just stay at his house
    Crash pad
    Free Continental breakfast
    I bet you've seen his penis
    Recreation scare
    Walking in the winter wonderland
    My God!
    What is up
    This must be your main man
    Running the four seasons in Asia
    Summa Cum Laude
    So sick
    Twenty five minutes
    Tattoo right on my heart
    To surprise everybody
    I need feedback
    It says happy holidays
    I guess you suck
    It'll be alright
    Who's your cousin
    Or who's your favorite
    Body part
    You ate
    So nasty
    Double Dipper
    Do you want to take your coat off
    This is the den
    Playing video games
    Just got the link off your MySpace page
    What the heck
    I teach a couple of classes
    Animal suspended in his own urine
    The maestro of molecular gastronomy
    So many surprises
    Steak and lobster
    Just put it in
    A bowling alley
    No more tattoos
    I promise you
    A genuine milf
    The language
    He's coming on to your mother
    I should have told you
    Google before you get to know him
    So important
    Give him a chance
    Don't Google
    He's the mail
    Family style
    Super cash
    Smoked California bear
    With the art section funnies
    So how did you both meet?


    High blood pressure stems from
    excessive language or talk,
    when your heart commands the
    attention of a constant beat of
    all expression

    King David

    Beautiful indeed
    Bold and strong as you can be
    Comfortable in your own skin
    And playing for keeps.
    I like that.
    I'll stand anytime for that.
    Suit, tuxedo
    In my jeans or slacks
    Your charisma got me taken back
    Wouldn't settle for less
    As a matter of fact.
    Driven by your ability to take control
    Where situations matter.
    Giving me room to love you now
    And even after as wife and a friend
    Forever in pain and laughter.
    So glad to be sharing my life with you
    Beautiful brown eyes
    More sunsets to sunrise
    Baby blue skies
    My lane
    Your lane
    Read between the lines.
    Action does speak louder than words.
    You don't even have to try
    Girl you fly
    Soaring like the highest in the sky
    High noon
    I must keep you in sight
    Foremost in my court section
    My brain
    Contemplation of a burning desire
    Candle my flame
    Wick to oil
    Olive pure
    It was known to me
    When I speak thy name
    At first sight
    I knew my life would change
    Set in
    Your hand in marriage
    I had to claim
    I'm not the one to let a good thing
    pass by
    And I know you feel the same
    Quiet as kept
    No longer
    Knock and the door opens
    Lock and key
    Someone I can put my trust in
    Conquer my battles with problem solving
    I'm all in
    Pick me up when I'm falling
    From crawling to walking
    Standing on God's promise
    Adhering to my calling
    Genuine and existing to be with
    I'm all in
    Mr. and Mrs. Bowden
    The second
    Forever Lasting.
    This unquenchable passion
    In this incorruptible fashion
    Presentation speaks for itself
    No need for asking.
    My love and your love
    Grasping in the eyes of the LORD


    If you can work without money, make
    progress, make sense, and still
    use resources to pull from, you
    should run for President.


    Scary but necessary
    Blues come correct
    Paid my dues
    Now it's time to collect
    Check your issues

    At the door
    A full house invite
    Can't walk in ordinary shoes
    My class is filled with dangerous minds
    The dean's intellect
    The crowd moves
    In droves
    With hands gripped tight
    The pencil neck
    Led sharp
    The T.V. set kept you up all night
    Make mention these fouls
    The flagrancy call's for player hog
    to eject
    Your day job not enough to pay the ref
    Bank cards over time appreciates

    Trick or treat on your loan
    With two months behind
    On paying your debt
    Menace to society
    Before the crowd
    Teachers pet
    Neutered and spayed
    Full deck of cards
    A kingdom you won't neglect
    No facade when it comes down to
    Who's man you'll end up with next
    Jackson or Grant
    Big face Ben lives in London
    I guess you got to go charter you a jet
    With frequent flyer miles

    Save the captain
    Turbulent flight
    Having to put up with your mess...
    Age forever young and wouldn't settle
    for Nothing less
    In town for Black Friday
    Pink golf Polo with Champion joggers
    From Payless
    These sour grape apples
    Still wet behind the ears
    In love with cursing
    No, thank you type manners
    Need to see how the labor force
    Has no remorse for liabilities
    When the subject should be
    How do I want to be looked at
    Or of what measure of a person
    And what do I have to offer
    Being valued.

    Intern this and soak it in
    Just don't waste my time
    To throw away perfect leftover food
    ©®South Paw

    The Tree

    Picture yourself in a square. Now,
    picture yourself in a circle.
    The square gives you angles by
    which you can resolve solutions to
    everyday problems. The circle, by
    which curves, gives you an easy,
    constant comfort with a degree of
    infinite possibility. Now, put the
    square inside the circle. Once inside,
    you will begin to see no room for error,
    which demands your being to become
    superior to any force known to man,
    in healing, spirituality, and your higher
    calling, curing anything, whether
    tangible or intangible in the
    knowledge of self, the power given
    from the Tree of Life. Amen.

    Love is the work abiding in you,
    transparent to the fruit bore with
    humility, resting in the flow that
    washes away all despair.

    A job is a job, but none like one
    year war bids.

    Only my words you have forgotten.

    Numbered by the lawns with each
    strain of grass.

    Your lips are red. My pasture is green.

    My pen bleeds; dogwood trees.

    Like Father, like Son, you have been
    trained to do the same.

    Will never drown in my sorrows of pain.
    I'll just turn off the faucet.

    The name is Webster, cycle like a
    pack of wolves.

    Lyrics sprout like a tree for each bud.

    "I am out!"


    Have You Forgotten

    As time lapses, there is a Galaxy.
    That universe is you.
    Whatever enters your space, is yours
    to consume. The dimensions that are
    revealed comes from within, exercising
    growth and maturity.
    Who you let in, becomes apart of the
    process. This is synonymous with dreams.
    You are the catcher.
    The reminder, that we are not alone.
    Knowing this will enhance the Kingdom.
    Not only have you been there, but you
    are, for all to witness.
    The beauty of the cosmos.

    The Strength That Lies Within

    Beauty is the flower that blooms from
    within the exterior of silence,
    for one having peace

    Your blessings come natural,
    unparalleled in spirit, favourable
    to everything at a moment's notice

    Gifted in all that you do, rubs off
    as the scent that attaches it's self
    in the company of others

    You have a piece of mind that
    surpasses all understanding

    The tools of the body is reminded
    of the mind to do whatever you are
    led to accomplish in due time, allows
    rest for the comfort of days


    Brokeback America

    You'll never see it again
    Hear no evil
    See no evil
    Speak no evil
    You'll never
    See it again

    For the ages
    Fades like mazes
    The new fad
    For the crazes
    Mad climbing
    Out there cages
    To see more
    You'll see... Missing the days
    When you had more
    Many pages
    With subject matter
    To have more... Many wages
    To task more
    Many nameless
    To growth rate
    A congregation to pastor
    The topic is fameless
    Youth ministry
    Prime Minister

    Stage presence
    28 days off the calendar
    30 ways to make the
    Days go by faster
    31 to ensure that it's mastered

    One year
    One moon
    One sun
    One June
    Act your part
    And you'll see
    A new beginning
    A new start

    Sun rising
    Out the dark
    Dim blue sky
    Out from sleep
    Hoping for a bed
    To lie
    Layed like the sheets
    A thousand ply

    Giving thanks
    For the visions
    At night
    But not too far gone
    Working to keep
    The water and lights on

    Done without rehearsal
    It may seem alright
    Never giving up
    The struggle
    Again to no end
    We must fight
    Counting on every prayer
    Until brothers
    And sister's
    Unite... Universe

    Until we get it right
    With this frame of mind.
    Selah. Amen.

    Serial Number

    Retail ain't the same
    Tale on the donkey
    Clearance rack
    Serial game
    Never outdated
    Furthermore... The liquidation
    The alchemy is like
    Water on the brain
    Taylor Jean patches
    The eye catches

    Shoe game sick
    Brazier game
    Prices go up
    Money out the wallet
    Runner up
    Clutch baggages

    Window shopping
    Milkshake $5 a cup
    Dairy farm
    Fabric by the yard
    36° of separation
    Goose down lining
    Manikin profile aim
    For the immediate fall

    Further north
    Wind chime
    Indian reservation
    Amongst the stars
    Planets alignment
    History must make
    The correction
    Buy or sell
    Loose change

    Chips and dip
    Block party
    Hops and barley
    Exchange Club
    Loaves by the basket
    Money balls
    Stop watches
    Digital details
    Insurance and taxes paid
    Gets a yearly decal
    But in the meanwhile...
    Pushing these buckets

    Priceless debt
    What's the science
    A few metaphors
    Punch line
    Push the rewind
    You hear that?
    “Said, what”
    You broke?

    So Nigh

    Reasons without knowledge of the past,
    I ask,” Why?”
    No where closer to the places we've
    already been.
    At most, a few centuries and forced
    to comply,
    Forever seemingly, so nigh.
    Reasons without knowledge of the last,
    We must try!

    When the educated knows no more the
    When the census knows no more
    than the average sum,
    When grades are received for
    theatres’ trump,
    When the birth rates are restricted
    by each day and month,

    Reasons without knowledge of the past,
    I ask,” Why?”
    No where closer to the places we've
    already been.
    At most, a few centuries and forced
    to comply,
    Forever seemingly, so nigh.
    Reasons without knowledge of the last,
    We must try!

    When all we see is the inception
    of fame,
    When subconsciously with all
    that remains,
    When schizophrenia is real for
    the life of all humane,
    When people voice their opinion
    often wise and profane,

    Reasons without knowledge of the past,
    I ask,” Why?”
    No where closer to the places
    we've already been.
    At most, a few centuries and
    forced to comply,
    Forever seemingly, so nigh.
    Reasons without knowledge of the last,
    We must try!

    When authority takes advantage
    of tomorrow for today,
    When the only diagnosis is how
    you want to pay,
    When life is but the obstacle
    you must portray,
    When the potters wheel envisions
    you as clay,

    Reasons without knowledge of the past,
    I ask,” Why?”
    No where closer to the places
    we've already been.
    At most, a few centuries and
    forced to comply,
    Forever seemingly, so nigh.
    Reasons without knowledge of the last,
    We must try!

    When the outcome is what you put in,
    When this is difficult to comprehend,
    When you try, but still don't fit in,
    When the followers are in the front,
    and the last comes forward with the vision,

    Reasons without knowledge of the past,
    I ask,” Why?”
    No where closer to the places we've
    already been.
    At most a few centuries and forced
    to comply,
    Forever seemingly, so nigh.
    Reasons without knowledge of the last,
    We must try.

    History Classic

    The box of inheritance
    Is open
    US Open
    Pandora introduction
    Made necessary
    Childhood scriptures
    Library pictionaries
    Vice grips
    Collage of expression
    Cinema intakes
    From keyboards
    To the grandest piano
    My dictionary
    Reads David
    Highly favored
    Couldn't match the face
    With the body
    Sculpture made from ivory
    Tusks from a mammoth
    Match the strength
    With the present
    Now bread without leaven
    Hospital swings
    From high court
    To robes and gavel
    The doctor
    Prescribes medicine
    This is the sentence
    Every brick means
    Every foundation
    Of America
    Construction on holy ground
    White Castle
    They made me Deacon
    Capsules of
    Blood and specimen samples
    Everything versed the same
    Copyrights for the perception
    And last names
    But you come from the same
    Lineage of rooftops
    Concerns from custodian rooms
    Mops and brooms
    Stick to the script
    Something like
    Marriage proposals
    Theatre visions
    From a living room
    As the world turns
    Seniority interns for babes
    Adolescent of a freshman
    At a High School game
    The realest thing I ever wrote
    Typing these volumes on a
    The making of iTunes
    Loose change
    Here's a grand apple
    For The Big Apple
    Nychophobia of not knowing
    What comes
    And what goes around
    Dark days
    Bright nights
    Every letter written
    On the page
    Still young at heart
    The coming of age
    Beat street
    In all white
    Before my peers
    A song from Thriller
    Elementary auditorium
    I had the mimic down
    Now this is my verse
    With fluid experience
    Always too grown to rehearse
    Resentment to read
    The creation was weathered
    With pictures first
    This is how I learnt
    So if you ask, “If he's now,
    How was he back then?”
    Everything's possible
    The community
    Records with a pen.
    Even way back

    Never forget
    If not all are
    Made overnight
    Some take notes
    Some will take the time
    Then write you
    Blind sighted
    Upon nighter
    Some will even
    Find a match
    To ignite you
    A flame to the buttocks
    Sitting comfortably
    Behind you
    Bottom shelf
    Then wine
    And dime you
    Number 1
    On the bucket list
    Then sign you
    Some will pay
    Close attention
    With a lack of patience
    But slipped up
    And found you
    Then bind you
    No loose leaf
    Line for line you
    Some can't wait
    For the date
    To rhyme with you
    Some will pick a number
    And waste time
    With you
    Some will say
    I love you
    Then drop a dime
    On you
    Others can't find space
    An loose their
    Ever blessed mind
    Over you
    Some will stay
    In line for you
    Before paying
    An ounce
    Of attention
    To the nay Sayers
    That made you
    Others would
    Pray for the day
    Wolves in sheep
    Wear sackcloth
    For you
    And as such brand new
    For you
    You wouldn't know the half
    If it wasn't for you
    Houses and fame
    Just something
    To think about
    Now it's an issue
    If no one
    Ever noticed the coin
    On the ground
    And picked it up
    To see the other side
    The gain
    The game
    Would have never
    That goes for everyone
    That bought in
    Whether a hundred
    To one
    It made every dollar
    What a price
    To pay
    Anonymously sent


    Light is the news spanning the zodiac
    to find whom it chooses to expose,
    knowing the thoughts before scribed
    or published.

    I sit as head of household with Maat.
    I send guards to protect your goings
    and comings. She allows righteous
    clarity in discernment to rule,
    reign, and govern. This is the mindset.
    The heart of life is held firm in my right.
    The seasons to reap is left with staff.
    The crowned victory of the Father in the
    Netherworld rests on my head. Thy Kingdom
    is established on this day. The scribe
    publishes on the walls of the universe
    for all to see. My rib, my backbone
    is with me. Maat looks over the horizon
    with all her beauty, "Remember the time?"

    Unwarranted laughter is like speaking
    with words of misfortune only
    when looked upon as unpresidented for
    just mere exposition.

    The library is like the wilderness,
    never to be forsaken. Better for a
    camel through the eye of a needle,
    than sin of him to enter heaven.

    Going to the library in search for my
    identity...where everything is coded
    just like you; a food for thought bank
    that holds the future.

    To know a person is like traveling the
    unknown parts of the universe. That is
    how much we have to go, to relate, no
    matter how close one is.

    Your appearance is descriptive of
    where you've been, not who you are,
    clothed from head to toe, creating
    an ora of illusion in question.

    Every human is given a name to mask
    there nakedness, until spoken to.
    Then and only then will you come to
    the understanding of their nature.

    You will come across twelve types of
    people in a lifetime, and some more
    than others.

    The cross that you bare is your
    date of birth, given to all generations.

    Discipleship is representative of
    twelve characters throughout the
    year in jobs of occupation from the
    lowest of income to the greatest.

    If your mind is already made up,
    living for others and not for self
    is dead with an expiration date. Life
    is about change not idle worship.

    Memories account for where you're going.
    A time machine to your mind presented as
    future, not your present in the past.

    The scribe has the elite role of securing
    the way for the world, idled by pleasures
    that reveals nature's unforgivable extremes
    of today.

    With everything being recorded by scribes
    of technology, the rest will remain a copy
    of it's former in the circumference of what
    is. Amen.

    Signs and wonders are at my feet, but none
    will prevail, being devoured by my words
    leaving no oppression to grow root. Selah.

    There is no other truth that will prevent
    the path that is laid for the followers
    of the heart weighed with guidance by
    these sayings. Amen.

    There will always be assurance for the
    followers of this message. Amen.

    No form of drought shall continue in
    the work of your hands. Amen.

    There will always be a place for rest
    from all your coming and goings. Amen.

    Wealth and riches will accompany you all
    the days of your life. Amen.

    Power to the followers of these sayings.

    May your concerns be dealt with according
    to the balance of supplication. Amen.

    Blessings to the followers of these words.

    The sacrament of the mother and the
    father is the balance of tribulations
    through speech and work.
    The more you speak, likewise your work
    shall be the same. The yin and yang of
    life is as Abba to tradition. The
    relationship of the coming into your
    being, born by the flesh in the first,
    and born by the spirit in the second:
    The personification of God. God is love.
    God is life. The association of the like
    is as growth from one plane to the next,
    divided by two and carried by one. Hence,
    the stone that was looked over became,
    and will remain the cornerstone from
    which is to be built upon.
    Words are an expression of the heart.
    The heart gives opportunity for the work
    of the mind. The mind commands the
    operation of the body. The body is the
    voice of the spirit.
    The spirit lives forever honoring the
    life in which is whole. The whole is
    the universe which we live in. This
    is true to all likeness in creation
    to where much is required. When truth
    is altered, life as we know it will
    change. Change is as a cause without
    an effect. With this being said,
    meaning becomes of no importance
    leading to death.

    In secret to those to come after
    in a book with work, standing alone
    in secret to those before.

    Everything is purposed with each gain
    in contact reserved for the masses.

    I See: The Evidence Of Things Hoped For

    You cannot destroy my character. I'm
    breaking down the barriers of stronghold.
    You will not win. I'm taking sail with water
    and wind. I'm transforming that which was
    If you try to loose the chains, I will not
    cease in praying. I'm binding the debt
    that's all so ever reminding, with relief
    from all that mocks the divine designing.
    I take charge of the debtor with perfect
    timing, without haste. I will taste the
    fruit of favor down to it's rind. I'm in
    line to draw from the well that waters
    in time for season, with wonders and
    signs. My answer is near. I hear the
    voice as whispered in the ear. I will
    never again be brought down by the gifts
    that are given just to get even. I will
    come out on top. I made it from the bottom.
    I made it this far. I can't stop. I light
    the fire. There's a burning bush, restoring
    the hope and promise. I'm leaving the
    unfortunate and often inconsiderate laws
    of man to a better calling on my life.
    I'm wiping out all that stands against
    this endeavor. You can be smart. You can
    be clever, but nothing will stop my growth
    in purpose to finish what I started. I find
    this to be true. My reason for being this
    way comes from living the before and after,
    with patience and virtue. The battle is won.
    The spoil is abundant. Now I can live.

    ©Bowden's Masonry
    ©Another Day Music
    ©Designing By Grace


  9. King David avatar

    On Thu, Apr 19, 2018 at 7:41 PM, King David said:

    Life and Death: On Two Wheels
    ©® Bowden's Masonry/Another Day Music/Designing By Grace™

    For most it would seem effortless to get out of bed if there was some what of reward. The lift of life is vintage, but you wouldn't know if you didn't try. The suspense has it own stability to stand freely at will. In the company of two or more, God is present. ...and the rest, is to fulfill.

  10. King David avatar

    On Thu, Apr 19, 2018 at 4:10 PM, King David said:

    ©® Bowden's Masonry/Another Day Music/Designing By Grace™

    1:1 There is not a debt I owe. I will sow my concerns in the yielding fields of abundance. 1:2 The labor is much,
    1:3 but the vine is full as the stomach fills each allowance.

    2:1 The cup is passed from lip to lips.
    2:2 Unfolding the fruition of each day gives me the strength to do more given time to exist.

    3:1 The blood passes through the veins of 3:2 the evening to correct and instruct with chastisement.
    3:3 With love, I know that the heart caresses with care,
    3:4 knowing what is needed before we give dominion to the tongue of substance.

    4:1 Days are swift as the bird that swoops down to consume its prey.
    4:2 Nights are parallel to the floor joist of
    4:3 time zones at noon that surely sees the way.

    5:1 The letter of the afternoon testifies
    5:2 to the communion table of tomorrow.
    5:3 I will face the challenges of the sow with 5:4 the will to do my best in motion to follow.

    6:1 With a signature on the dotted line after 6:2 the address with a quill botched in blood, 6:3 I am birthed again,
    6:4 secure with all that I freely give, operating with the discernment to comprehend. Selah. Amen.

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