Shakin' It 4 Daddy - Cover Art

Shakin' It 4 Daddy

Dec 15, 2009

From the album, Sex Therapy: The Session by Robin Thicke

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Shakin' It 4 Daddy

cause she shakin it for daddy
(yeah) she shakin it for me
she liftin up ha a**
and she drop it ta the beat
she shakin it so fast for the cash ching-a-ling
she ready
and she lookin for a bankroll
she move it round and round like a merry-go
she be like i be i be i be on that money shit
ay yo i be i be i be i be i be on that money shit
get that sloppy toppy roger copy i be runnin shit
money in the air its a festival
cause i ba ba ba ba ball no testicales
im flyyer then a eagle that balding
i throw it back like hair lines thats balding
i stay ballin i dont mean spualding
i never answer when the referees calling
she gott me trickin in the club
about too fall in love
cause she make that booty roll
when she come up on the pole
i swear she got my heart
like a extra pair of gloves
gott me spendin all my money
shit i coulda bought a car

girl::you know you like it yea [x2]
boy::yea i like it babe[x2]
girl::you know you want it yea [x2]
boy::yea i want it oh oh ohh


thicke::and then this other girl grabbed me and she whispered in my ear
she said this other girl aint doin shit its crackin over here
she put my hand on her booty and the giggle made me whoozie
now we bout ta make a movie
in the club goin stoopid


you was sleepin on me thinkin it was slumber time
now im a trendin topic lil mama number sign
wanna play?
meet me at the fumble line
cause im the ninja kowabunga time
buzzin like a bee but nope i dont sting-a-ling
i show em'
the middle finger ring
school bell a ring-a-ling
stick-shift the ding-a-ling
ball like yao ming-a-ling
excuse me?
what happened?
im flyyer im than a robin
im flyyer than an eagle
yup donovan mcnabb
and when i pop that pussy i pop it on his suzuki
i pop it so crazy kookie
i be rocking them daisy dukies

i be shakin it for daddy he want more more more
got that bently got that caddy and they all four doors
if i pull him buy the collar boy he better holler
i be shakin it for daddy he want more more more

[thicke talking]
i be on my money shit [x3]
they gott the f*ck off!!!

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