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S True Halfway Point Won

We've reached the midway point of the NFL season.Well, kind of.Technically speaking, the season's true halfway point won't come until sometime during one of Sunday's early games.Around The League already handed out Midseason Hero Awards on our podcast (you should really listen), but there's always room for more meaningless accolades! This one had it all: Tons of scoring, lead changes, an undefeated team, records falling, that weird Jerrah World sunlight thing -- and best of all -- Tony Romo and Peyton Manning, the two most scrutinized quarterbacks on the planet.
.You might better remember this as The Game Where The Tattered Remnants Of Josh Freeman's Self-Worth Went To Die.If you listen closely enough, you can hear Jon Gruden and Mike Tirico attempting to rappel out of the broadcast booth midway through the third quarter.I think it's adorable that someone in my office labeled the above video "Tavon gets tripped up".This game tape could be studied like the Zapruder film and no commission would ever deem that Austin tripped on anything.You'd have to CGI in Brandon Meriweather to sell anybody on this flop.This is not the normal award just for the winners, it also includes lots of terrible games and players.The best game of course should be the game between the Denver Broncos and the Dallas Cowboys.The reporter said this one had it all, and I totally agree with him.The Cowboys won’t meet the Broncos again because there’s no chance for them to chase the Super Bowl.The worst game should be the Giants against the Vikings, both teams are the worst in the NFL, the Giants suck indeed and now I am sure the Vikings lost their hope, too.The best way to support a NFL team is wearing their jerseys and cheering for them.Do you have faith for your team will win this super bowl? So get some jerseys or T-shirts from, let the classic beautiful color purple or gold show your team pride.Do you want to order the nice and cheap NFL jerseys or other apparel to cheer up for your lovable team in this season? Check things out at us, you can make great deal here not only because of our very low price but also the best quality.
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