Thu, May 5, 2011 at 5:55 PM


I hate it when ppl say tht Nicki cant rap she can rap I'm not jus sayin tht bcus I love her but she actually can spit idk about freestylin cus I nvr heard her but in her songs she raps very well. The best female rapper isn't Lil Kim im sorry but its not. I aslo dnt think tht Nicki is tryin 2 b like her yea they hve a few similarities but Nicki is like 1000 times bettr than her and wat I really like about Nicki is tht she is different unlike Trina r any other female rapper all of her lyrics aren't sexually explicit. She's versatile and she's not boring the voice animations and stuff is genius yea she's a lil crazy but we luvv it so much! Nicki keep doing you cus ppl r haters I support her 100 percent #GoNick

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