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So I know its late to be bloging about Christmas and shit but thats what I do, I do me all day; everyday. So... although I wished for a white christmas I had a wonderful and memorable Christmas. I went to visit my amor's family for christmas but spent christmas eve with them and got to be apart of the family tradition which was memorable. Got more gifts from them than expected. Christmas day came around and my Amor got me a Redskins plush throw, its beautiful, bright, very warm and extra soft. Yay! Redskins is my team and his as well even though the didnt show their true potential this year; I'm still a die hard REDSKINS ALL DAY EVERYDAY and we always got next year. Bam! I gave my Amor some lovely swagged out clothes as well as pretty boi/ college boi swagg peacoat.. Yerp! Come back to the Flu to spend the rest of Christmas with my family and open my present from Santa. First, I had to stuff my face and my belly with our delicious seafood themed Christmas dinner as well as tradational Christmas foods. (Num, Num..lls insider) Boy, was it good so i decided be a fatty and go with seconds and thirds. I was hella stuffed and satisfied. From my wonderful Bestie and Sissy I got my lovely Betsyville purse thats leopard print with glitter. I'm a official Barbie becasue my sissy got me my Barbie chain plus another Nicki Minaj shirt to go with my Birthday Nicki shirt. To go with these I got some jeans and cute tops all picked out by my wonderful mother. I also got this beautiful necklace with my name engraved within along with my birthstone. So now I got untouchable swagg... Yerp.. My sister got a necklace like mine but with her name and birthstone. My got my daddy a nice as BOSE; We got him a nice black peacoat and gift card as well as this shirt that says "Yes I have a truck, No I won't help you move" lls (Insider, gotta know me and my family personal to understand the joke) My amazing daddy got my mommy diamond cross studs and from the open heart collection from Kay Jewelers a open heart angel; some clothing that he picked out all by himself, I was very proud of him, Very nice shirts and pants he got her. While me and my sissy got our wonderful a nice colorful striped peacoat alond with a gift card and a wine top that say " I'm a Winer". FYI: Neither of my parents are winers or anything like that. I was just a funny christmas present; like a gag gift. Well althought there was no snow I had a wonderful christmas and I'm very thankful to have seen another Christmas. I got to spend it with the people that are most important, precious, and near and dear to my heart. I love yall!!!

P.S; My parents anniversary was Christmas day, so shout out to them. Happy anniversary! I love you guys more than life its self. 26 years and still growing strong, thats true love and the kinda love I want to have. So Happy 26th Anniversary to Barbara & Eric Carter!! Mwah!!

Ok, I'm definiately done now... I believe I have talked a lil to much and have told more than needed to be told. Sorry, I didn't want everybody to know that much of my business but its all good.

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