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This whole situtation with twitter is messed up all the way around. How can some of the fans say there team minaj if the there rude and disrespecful and go against Miss Minaj's wishes. If it was a true fan and Nicki ask them not to leak such and such they wouldn't go and do it anyway. I'm sure that Nicki is hurt especailly since it was from a so called barb. I am sorry people only think of theirselves and what they can do to get theirselves head in the game. It makes me upset and mad cause it makes us other barbs who are true fans and supporters. Hope Nicki knows that all her fans who call theirselves barbies are like these ones who made her upset. Their are many more barbies who care, love, adore, support, honors, dedicated, understands, loaly to her, inspired by her, etc to the fullest??!!! Thoses who disrespected Nicki and went against her wishes and made her upset to point of deletion of her account should be ashamed. cause us other barbs are getting punished by their actions. Even though I don't have a twitter I still read Nickis' tweets. I know she will get passed this cause she is strong. Nicki she also know that there are rude, disrespectful, mean barbs on here. They should not call themselves barbies cause thats not what Nicki is about. She told us once about cyber bulling that she didn't like that but theirs people still doing that shit and it ain't cute or cool. They ain't real barbies period.

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