Tue, Jul 2, 2013 at 6:52 PM

In my feelins ' about nicki

Hello Barbz & Kenz! some of you may or may not follow me on twitter @BuhByeBewBew if you do good. if not then o' well. lol but I notice that in TM alotta ppl says that if you haven't met nicki you're an CF or you're not a true "FAN" tbqmf honest ima die hard nicki fan. since she 1st came out I been supporting her & riding w/ the kid. till' this day aint no other artist taking nicki place ya feel me? she will always be my fave. thru good & bad times im being there for her. I have not met her yet , I plan on meeting her when she go back on tour. she follows me on twitter , she rt'd & faved a few of my tweets! its like an amazing feeling to know that she has 16.7MILLION ppl following & @'ting her but she notices me. & see's me on her TL. nicki to me is more than a celeb. she's my idol , my inspiration , my heart . I see so much in her. like when I see someone tries to bash her on twitter w/ negativity I just want to kill them. like nobody understand my love for nicki. why would you talk down & dislike her? because she's successful? she achieved so much in FOUR years. you bitches could NEVER. & now she on her acting/movie starring type shit? FOH. she's just like everyone else tryna make it in this world. she's the same damn nicki she was bck in 07' the SAME mixtape nika. cus she decided to make pop songs & switch it up a bit , she's tryna be like this that & the other? NO. she did something you so call legends was afraid to do! cus she wear make up , wigs ? she fake?! NO. bitch no. there's nothing wrong w/ pampering yourself. she's beautiful inside & out. nicki has this AMAZING connection w/ Us barbz & done so much for us. if I could give it all back I would. I just want to say thank you nicki for NEVER giving up. thank you for inspiring us to stay in school & do good for ourselves. thank you for setting an good example. you may not be here in person w/ each & every one of us but you're here in spirit. I love you so much. like dead ass. everytime I wanna give up ; I think to myself would nicki be proud me? one day. I just pray that one day will be my day to meet & honor your presence. Thank you sooooo nicki for being a HUGE inspiration in my life!!!!!!

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