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My Brother

My brother is a great father and he is a perfect man for a women he is single but he is taking care of carnell with his ex babyma but his exs gotta stop thinking he's that thristy person which he's not because i know my brother all these girls gotta stop thinking that shit because if they really feel that way they can hop off his dick frfr but if someone really likes my brother and really mean it and stay ture in a realtionship and not talking to any guys while yall are in a realtionship because that's making you look dumb and making my brother thinks your fake asf im sorry but yall need too keep it trill with my but nobody wanna give him an chance he has a child i have a child whats wrong with giving Trey a chance too love somebody and care for them........... but i guess no girls can understand where i am coming from because i know my brother but girls thinks he's too overpotected but he's supposed too be that like really that's how a man suppose too be or yall want a nigga that is scared about a bunch of stuff which is the crazy part my brother is never scared about anything that's what a women wants but nobody knows what love is if they did they would take my brother as he is has a father and single give the nigga a chance like if no girls in a realtionship and knows that they love they self before they loves anybody eles and cares for themself before anybody else i hope any women full women is out their that is real and know he's the only one that you really want that it...............................................

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    On Thu, Mar 6, 2014 at 10:07 PM, OBEY_ TREY WIFE said:

    Will u no wat sis i hope am the right one for him, because i love him nd care for him. nd hopeful were ment to be.


    On Wed, Feb 26, 2014 at 6:34 PM, TREY_FATHEROFCARNELL said:


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