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the beginning

I was younger. Back when Bedrock was famous. I immediately fell in love with her. Like, i had to find out more about this beautiful person singing. So i did. I found out her name was Nicki Minaj. And wow did she become my idol. Nicki Minaj became an important oerson in my life to be honest. Her songs affected me like no other. Like Still I Rise, it made me feel confident about myself. I have to say nicki minaj is different. Her wardrobe is way abnormal. And thats okay. I have gathered that we shouldnt worry what someone will say. As long as we are happy with what we are doing. Nicki Minaj made me the way i am today: different. Im weird and outgoing because I stopped caring. "See my haters tell em hi" I knew that I would be happier if I stopped caring. And I am. Because of her. Im criticized for loving Nicki Minaj, for having her as my idol, my inspiration. She has been with me since then. I even requested her song "moment for life" to be featured for my quinceaƱera. Everyone knew I would have her of course. I also recieved her perfume as a gift. Amazing. Oh boy, Nicki Minaj, Onika, I hope you are reading this. I hope you realize I am a huge fan. That I love you so much. Thank you for being there. My idol. And I hope one day I get to meet you.

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