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As Time Goes By

We sometimes have a different point of view then the rest of people in this team, we agree with things disagree and sometimes even get into arguments. I like half of you reading this am a true Nicki stan and I will do everything in my power to support and be a dedicated or even more dedicated as most of you. I stand behind no one I stand behind nicki the person that im here for! Im going to give you a little taste on my bg with being a stan

First of all I been tweeting since 2010 I haven’t been here for as long as some of you have been, I don’t claim to know more than some of you do, but in the time that I have been in teamminaj Ive done a lot for my Nicki and there is no way I regret that im more than happy when I think of a new way to promote nicki and show my appreciation. We came in this team and just another person claiming to be a true nicki fan! I sometimes here a lot of people saying you don’t ever have to prove yourself or try to fit in the aspect of being a true fan. In my eyes that’s bullshit everyone tries to fit it , it can be in a good way or a bad way but we try. I tried to fit in & to this day I still stand by what I say that we do try to fit in, but me trying to fit in is not in a bad intension. The meaning that I mean by fitting in is that you try to prove others and nicki that you are a loyal and supportive fan and that you will stand next to her no matter what and we need to prove her that in order to “reach the next level” . I am a true Nicki Minaj fan, in my eyes you can sit all say posting links to buy pink Friday but no one but god and the person behind that screen knows if your being honest about what your claiming. Im being honest I was a Nicki fan when she released playtime is over or sucka free I didn’t even know she existed I became a fan in the beam me up scotty time! Like I said before I was never a hip-hop fan nor did I like lil wayne I thought hip-hop represented women as a sex symbol. I grew up listening and being a huge fan of queen latifah… but when I first heard nicki minaj’s “itty bitty piggy” I smiled all through the song. We all know that if the girl is cute and she can rap youll love every aspect of her because you rarely see that. But when you see nicki in videos, interviews, photos ect they scream more than that. They scream talent and it shows you that she has an amazing potential and she looks like a winner in millions of people. “I don’t want people to remember me by my looks” nicki is not a girl that is stupid, she is smart and knows how to manage what she has! She has proved a lot of us wrong, and she has proved me wrong a lot of times before she became a big well knowed star… for example like I said various times in pfr when I saw her mixtape cover for beam me up scotty I thought she was a joke, but to be honest even tho I thought that when I saw that, the same night I found out of her I downloaded all her songs. Their was not one song I didn’t like, I would sit in my bed for 2 hrs straight listening to my ipod and listening to what she had to offer and she had and still has so much potential. When you think of how much she has grown as an artist its surprising to see that she has never disappointed she might have her moments but at the end of the day she’s a human beingggggggggg. ;) Nicki Minaj grew as a person as an artist and teamminaj did also and her fan base even more!

Message To Teamminaj:
Never stop being a team always succeed to achieve. Never stop being united because were not weak. Always say your stories and never stop being who you are for no one. Never be a big head like nicki says. Just because you spend time with Nicki change who you are because you thing “your cool” no Nicki does not promote that she taught us better than that. She thought us that she’s a human being like and that we should treat her like one! Never change for no one and always be yourself and if you gotta slay for nicki do so but don’t dedicate your time and step to people’s level because were better than that.


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    On Thu, Jun 9, 2011 at 4:19 PM, Brittany Minaj MN said:

    Very Well Spoken Yani!!! Yes the thing about the links; in all honesty I don't like promoting & doing that stuff taking the time to post links To her album & stuff. (Altho I do post links once in awhile) I would much rather have the person get their ass up go to the store & by the physical copy of Pink Friday. For me if it's an artist I really really love, then I feel like I have to go out & get a physical copy of their CD. & to this day I still would love to have physical copies of her mixtapes & her on the Come Up DVDs. But I didn't become a fan of hers til Young Money & that's when I first heard of her. I never was really into hip hop. Overall as long as you know you're a true fan, continue to show your support in any way & will stick to the end is all that really matters.

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    Aw, I love this NLB. (:

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    On Mon, Mar 7, 2011 at 1:07 AM, Candi Queen said:

    awwww I love this post... *tear* lol
    Nah but yea I didnt kno about her until Beam Me Up Scotty too. I think Itty Bitty Piggy was the first song I heard from her then after that i just went on a downloading spree downloading everything she did (everything I can find)

    but yea everybody tries to prove that they are a real true fan. and anybody can sit at home and tweet links all day but that doesnt always really mean anything. You can tweet nothing but links but not be a true real fan. #justsayin dont like it... #kanyeshrug you be iight

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    long as post lol....? NLB

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