ten things i hate
1. when someone is rite next to you and they be textin you like forreal
2. when someom=ne is in the stale in the bathroom and they are talkin to you like wait til you get out the stale please
3. when someone ask for a couple(2) and then they say i wanted 4 like you asked for a couple
5.when someone gets done wit they food then ask for your
6. when someone is talkin bout you and they are sittin there lookin at you the whole time like grow balls and say it to my face
7. when you are hurtin so someone esle tys to feel your pain like that aint gonna make it go away sorry
8. when someone says sorry like sorry doesnt make it better so dont say sorry just dont do it
9. when someone is yellin and the person they aretalkin to is rite besaide they
10. when someone is takin all day to do something and you need to do the same thing like hurry upp

^_^ - be jealous is the name

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    "nakaya" is allready sweet

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