Fri, Feb 25, 2011 at 7:09 AM

Black Friday is A Joke.

Take it all in. Pause.
Excuse me queen bee, but I have to beg your pardon.
The year is twenty-eleven so no need to get started.

You think you’re a role model, bitch please.
Sit your ass down and let me explain.

Now back in the day, yeah you might have been on top.
Kinda easy to do when all the talent was in pop.

There’s a real fine line between trashy and classy.
Go ahead take a bow.
I present you with an award #1 in classic nasty.

Your mad because Nicki achieved what you set out and failed to do.
Now you want to try and compare her to you.

Stop acting like you’re the first to wear a colored wig.
Cross dressers have been doing it since you were a kid.

Don’t act like Barbie was your thing.
You don’t wear pink, bitch google your name.

What you see?
Half naked Kim; only black or blonde hair.
Oh what a shame.

Aint a Nicki fan?
Bitch because your deaf dumb.

Think you have talent.
Hmm… oh yes I can see.

Lets make every song about your female anatomy.
And just so you can feel really good about yourself lets include how much men just line up to fuck that used up pussy.

Hmmm if that doesn’t work the next song will express what a whore you are.
Yes Kim let the world know you turn men on in prison beating it to the XXL.

So Kim how many licks does it take?
While your busy doing that Nicki just killed another career, it’s a mild day.

You think Minaj got her the fame?
Look at your lyrics you ignorant son of a bitch.

Can you see how you can’t compare?
The queen can't sing and rap on the same CD.

Nicki sign them boobs so this has been can finally put them back in her shirt.

So queen bee, your time has passed,
Stop whining and shut the fuck up.

You will never be as talented as Nicki.
And you were never anything like what she is.

So you wore a few colored wigs. Yawn.
Try doing a real song.


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