Fri, Feb 18, 2011 at 3:10 PM

Lil Kim's Black Friday! >:|

i think its soooo stupid how Lil Kim made a freakin mixtape called "Black Friday" it just shows how that B*tch has no creativity whatsoever!!! -__-" i mean if your gona diss nicki minaj make your own shxt up honey! llike #FOREALL. And on top of that , lil Kim took one of Nicki's song (did it on 'em) and put it on her mixtape and called it "PISSIN ON EM" i hurd that shxt, and its freaking garbage!!! Lil Kim you need to sit down and stop tryna compete!!! YOU COULD NEVER COMPETE WITH NICKI!!! your washed up! get over it! let Nicki Do her thang and QUIT hating on her!!!! I saw Lil Kims Black Friday video too, and that shit was HORRIBLE! it looked so ghettoo!! lol FUCK LIL KIM !!! #TEAMMINAJ all the dammnn way!!!

  1. Cherry Minaj avatar

    On Mon, Mar 28, 2011 at 2:06 PM, Cherry Minaj said:

    Her video did luk a 'lil low on cash"...LOL! It luk like she shot dhat shiit in duh back alley of Harlem, New York!! I didnt know it wuz a song until i saw duh video...It sound like she just talkin thru duh song! I still love Lil Kim && i hope she getz over this "I Hate Nicki" stage!!! I still wud LOVE tew see them do a COLLAB!!! Dont yew love how Nicki put out an ALUBUM while Kim put out a MIXTAPE....bahahahahahah!

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