Wed, Dec 1, 2010 at 4:58 AM

Release and Let Go

Today marks the day that I begin a new life...
No more pain, heartbreak or fierce strife
You had my heart and you ripped it into tiny pieces
Now Im leaving and your triflin ass don't deserve a reason
Momma said love isn't suppose to hurt like this
But I held on to yours, for you I did...
You were my first love and the only man that heard my soul
After that phone call I felt your heart turn cold
Im done with the yelling, screaming and bullshit too
Yo! Do you realize the shit you put me through??
The bitches calling my phone, the niggas whispering..
and lets not talk about your mama...she has some nerve
Tryna tell me Im not the one you deserve
If only she knew the asshole she bred,
she would understand why the love in my heart is dead!

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