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With Football Fans Rallying Around The Weekend Highlights

Robert Griffin III's trying sophomore season reached its nadir Sunday in Denver.At least, that's the hope for Washington Redskins fans.The stars appeared to be aligned for Griffin to break out against the Broncos.Instead, Griffin was a scattershot mess, unable to move his offense with any consistency before leaving the game with a knee injury in the fourth quarter".
.Stats and rankings don't always tell the true story", Griffin told reporters Wednesday".We've struggled at times".Griffin's passer rating currently sits at 79.2, a steep drop from the 102.4 he put up during his tremendous rookie season".It sucks", Griffin said of the statistical slump.He also was asked about dissension creeping into the locker room of a 2-5 team".These are grown men.I can't control what they say", Griffin said".The only way for us to get better is to stick together".Before we write off the Redskins, remember this team was 3-6 last season before reeling off seven straight wins to steal the NFC East.
.Robert Griffin must be very confused right now, cause since this season started, he accepts so many critics from all around, no one can tell exactly what’s wrong with him.All we knew is he sucked every game he played and we can’t see any improvement so far.An injury added to this mess, that’s how thing got worse.Even though Griffin insisted that his injury is fine but we both know that’s a holy shit.Maybe his team plays a part role in his poor performance.They both suck so hard.No need to shop for a nice jersey in a local shop with much money, you can order a much cheaper one Jabaal Sheard jersey are cheaper.

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