Wed, Mar 21, 2012 at 4:15 PM

PF Roman Reloaded, the waiting...

By: 50ft Pchs

I can't fuckin wait any longer!! I find myself staring at the pre-order itunes page hoping it will magically download instantaneously. I'm listening to her old stuff, new stuff, PF, watching youtube videos, reading interviews, waiting for her every word on twitter, getting in fights with haters who obviously have no life or anything better to do then hate, tellin them just SIT DOWN!

It's weird because she has given us so much compare to other artists to their fans. We have heard so much of PFRR already but somehow it is not enough. It is a good thing that she is always looking for change and whats next because we are greedy motherfuckers and always want more and more and MORE from her.

This is truly an obsession I have for her but my twitter barbz help me feel normal since they are all on the same page. I have this insatiable need for more from Nicki always, looking for music I think I might not have heard, features, buying lipstick that I don't even wear just have, nail polish that I am learning to use, merchandise, magazines... Anything that has her name or face I want. I developed a love for pink when before it was my second least favorite color. I am just sitting waiting patiently for US tours to be announced, saving my cash because I will go anywhere! I cannot wait for the clothing line either OMG!!!

She is definitely the answer to anybody who LOVES music's prayers. From music to movies, characters to real, hysterical to serious matters, nail polish to wigs, what an empire she is creating. I am buying both versions of PFRR, i'm also giving them as gifts. If she wants 5 million I say lets give it to her, she gives us so much. April 3rd, time to give back!!

As an artist she is solid, as a mogul invincible and as a person golden!

I cannot wait until I can bust my speakers with Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded full force!!!

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