Tue, Apr 3, 2012 at 3:05 PM


By: 50ft Pchs

PINK FRIDAY: ROMAN RELOADED is finally here!! I can’t believe it and as I listen its even harder to believe. The album starts with a BANG and ends with a POW!

I naturally waited until iTunes would let me download and then something happened, possibly a glitch because of all the downloads happening at the same time. I freaked but I was slowly able to get my songs one by one, well, I did buy several copies so maybe that’s why it was acting koo koo.

I’ve been reading and watching everything to do with PF:RR of course, and some reviews are good and some not so much. There were a couple of reviews in particular that make me laugh now that I have heard the whole album. Of course these people don’t really get the barbz and/or Nicki because this shit is more then the bomb. Its an atomic bomb in digital form!!

Nicki gave us the best preset she could have and the best part is that she loves it too. Which proves we love her because she’s that crazy in us that we need to feed every once in a while so we don’t lose it in this world of haters.

The album snaps open in your face with sick bars and hooks and continues to slap you in the face as it goes more into dance mode. It’s exactly what I wanted and more.

I can’t be more happy for Nicki and for us, this is what I call a WIN WIN SITUATION!

Can't and will not stop listening to this until I am able to hear it live!

NUMBER ONE in less than an HOUR!

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