Tue, May 22, 2012 at 5:22 PM

Pink Friday TOUR.. who's going to CO?

By: 50ft Pchs

I saw Weezy live a couple of times and he blew my mind saw Drizzy a few days ago and even though I was more than tipsy and way passed Rapunzel high, i enjoyed every bit of it (specially when he prances around on stage like he has springs for feet, LOVE IT!) But nothing can compare to seeing HB live and that's what I have been asking and yearning for quite some time now. Didn't feel my life would be complete without it I guess.

So the North American tickets for Nicki da Ninja are out and probably selling like hotcakes in a city with only one IHOP. I have mine and went a little too crazy and bought more than one. I don't understand how LiveNation can say "best available" and then offer a batter seat on the next transaction... anyway...

needless to say I have two tickets that I would like to get rid of!

These are for the Denver, Co show on Aug. 2nd, if anyone is interested please contact me. The tickets are in a good spot, section 2.

Maybe next time I will just buy 4 tickets in different locations, I would be broke but happy

Whoever is going to the 8/2 show hit me up so we can pre-game and trip the light fantastic together before meeting the QUEEN!

I can't wait to see her, this is definitely a next level infatuation. I don't feel bad tho, since there's more than 10 million of us out there.

Lets keep the beez in the trap shall we

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