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I met nicki on Thursday 19th April 2012 . The day I will NEVER forget . Well I woke up normal day . It was a thursday so I was meant to go to school but I BEGGED my mum not to go school she let me not to go school. I put on my barbie top , splattered leggings , pink doc martens and makeup . It took me like Half a hour to dress up . I got my copy of pink friday roman reloaded . I eat summting and left at around 10am . Got on the tube to bayswater and shit . I got there at midday . So there was 7 and a half hours till nic came . There was no-one when I was there . Den a couple of people came . I got some food and some waffles . Den I saw some Team minaj that came . I check the posters and they spelt her name ' nikki' *cries* we aked the secirty for spare writstband . They didn't have any . So by now it was like 1pm and the crowd was buliding up . I went round asking everyone have u got a wristband . Some gurl let me go in with her . *yayyyy* . We got our wristbans at 5pm . They started playing nic tunes and all the barbz and kens started singing . The loudest bit was ' YOU NOT A BELIVER SUCK A BIG D*CK' lol we were ratchhhhh. So yeah . Nic came I saw her show and I started crying and spazzing . I waited for my turn. Hsgjjasbaesgvszgv lol I was exicted . So I finally met nic , he's some pics I took

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    On Mon, Jun 18, 2012 at 4:30 AM, Nida Minaj said:

    wow ur lucky :P and btw that's my birthday date:D

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