Imma lovvaa of Nicki.I love music and kicckin it wit friends imma ba biitch at times iff you want to be my bff [barbie for fuckinever] then dont fuck round with the HB.Im street smart.LOOOVE my sista SHAWNa she aa HB 2 biitch so dont fuck wit neither of us or yo ass goin on barbie detention or getta barbie backhand!!!!!!!
jan.8 Im sick of all of these rumors about Nicki so iv decided to make a accurate site about Nicki Minaj whcich should be down by the end of this weekend because u no at times i dont have a life haha but anyway you guys must check it out!! aN IF YOUR READIN THIS nICKI YOU GOTTA CHECK IT OUT LOVE YA
COMING extremely SOON!!!

January 21, 2011
Mhmhmh today was a VERY RARE day no fights [ yet] i slept in tell noon did'nt go to school then went to this bakery named Ikeda its aaahhh-maazin! OOOHHH also i no this sounds weir-ish but i also decided to sing bottoms up to my dog Moco in the backyard very awwesome moment! uumm now im on here and updating my pro! soo yee msg MEH ....ITS BARBIE BITCH.

January 22,2011
Went to Nevada went to a dinner a bit hippyish but i dig then went to a crystal/rock store then went to a railroad mueseum? and now im home tv fixe yee so um yeeaa also ididnt noe my profile said im 20 im not 16

oh waoohh [x4]
st-st-step up in tha party like my name was Mr.T all
these hating naggers ain't got natin on me.
Honestly I gotta stay as fly as i can be If you lick
and roll it you get super OG hunnies always rest me
cause i'm fly,fly,fly dummies they can't touch me
cause i'm floating sky high I stay niggarific you
don't need to ask why you can try and see with your
eyes i cant believe it, its so amazing this club is
heated, this party's blazing.i cant believe it this
beat is bangingi cant believe it, i cant believe i-it.[hey]check it out
[x10] yeah,yeah im feelin it now check it out [x3]
~nicki minaj singin now~
st-st-step up in tha party like my name is ''bad bitch''
all these haters mad because im so established.They know
i'm a beast,yeah im a fucking savage haters you could
kill yourself.in my space shuttle and im not coming
down i'm a stereo and she's just so monotone sometimes
it's just me and all my bottles all alone i ain't
coming back this time.
I can believe it,it's so amazing.this club is heated,
this party's blazing.I cant believe it,this beat is
banging.I can't believe it,i cant believe i-it.[hey]Check it out [x10] yeah,yeah im feelin it now
check it out [x3]Check this mother fucker out it
got me in the club,in the club, just rocklin like
~nicki minaj~
The dun dun the sun sun yep,the sun done came up,but
we still up in dungeon the dun dun yep,in london
competition?why yes i would love some how the fuck
they et mad cause they run done.Mad cause im getting money
in abundance man i cant even court all of these
hundreds duffle bag every time i go to SunTrust i leave
the rest just to collect intrust i mean interrest
fuck my nemesis exclamation just for emphasis and i
dont sympathize,cause you a simple bitch i just pop
up on some pimple shit and put the iron to your
face you're a wrinkle bitch
oh we just had to kill it we on the radio hotter
than a skillet we in the club makin party ppl
holla money in the bank we be gettin top dolla im a big
ballar you a little smaller step up to my level, need ta
grow a little taller imma shot coller get up off
my collar you a chohuahua im a rottwelier i cant
believe it,this so amazing i cant believe it this
beat is banging i cant believe it this so amazing
i cant believe it i cant believe i-it.
[hey] check it out [x10] yeah,yeah im feelin it now
check it out [x3]

jan 28 2011
mother is being a fuckin cunt cant talk bye

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